When will iRiver work?

I have been waiting for DVDFab to once again support the iRiver device. Will this ever be fixed? It was the original reason I purchased this product years ago, but support has been fairly random, and has not functioned in the last 6 months.

I asked in the other thread where you mentioned this problem what the symptoms were.

looks like you have alot of problems. sorry :slight_smile:

Instead of just whining and moaning, do something for yourself and edit a profile that is close to the specs of your device.

Oh sorry, that may mean some effort on your part!!!

If you did want some help or guidance with it, I am sure my good cobber, Signals, I and others would be able to assist.

Of course. I made a profile long ago. I know the specs of the iRiver device, but the files produced are not compatible. They have been randomly in the pat but not now, and not for some time.


See the “Will convert to iRiver ever work again?” thead.

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