When Will I Know My DW1640's Time Is Up?

Hi there. My BenQ DW1640 is just over two years old. I only recently found out when I decided to get a bit more serious about burning exactly how fortunate I am to have one.

Last week I decided to purchase a Pioneer DVR-215, which I plan to use to handle the majority of my burning from now on, hopefully increasing my DW1640’s longevity. The BenQ and the Pioneer are currently the only burners I own, but burning is turning into a bit of a hobby for me now so I’m not totally against purchasing another drive.

My question is this: how does one know when the time is up for their DW1640? A very sad day that day will be, but I understand that all good things must come to an end, and I would like to be prepared in advance for that day. What sorts of things will let me know the DW1640 is headed for retirement? And what sort of drive would be an appropriate replacement for the scanning side of things? Cheers in advance.

From what I remember, I can recall 2 factors that might tell you your 1640 (I have one as well) is going downhill: 1) If you normally burn a certain mid with certain good results, but the burns start showing a big downturn in quality when you test them (assuming you use high quality media like TY/ you don’t have an awful batch); 2) your burst rate on the Transfer Rate Test is significantly below the acceptable range it should be with that burner.

About the only kind of scanning drive that’s reliable and a 1ECC scanner would be a LiteOn, which you can scan at a true, definable 1ECC standard and 4x under KProbe2.

[QUOTE=Quema34;1972385]… About the only kind of scanning drive that’s reliable and a 1ECC scanner would be a LiteOn, which you can scan at a true, definable 1ECC standard and 4x under KProbe2.[/QUOTE]Maybe you forgot DW1640 can also scan at 1ECC Sum @ 4x speed.
And in my books, with +20k more samples taken that a Litey, It’s even more “reliable”… :wink:

BTW [I]masta_blasta,[/I] I just hope the day when “Time Is Up” is still far away. Happy burning. :clap:

How many burns you got on that 1640A?

The 1640A is one of the finest burners ever made,and it performs identically,maybe even slightly better than my Plextor PX-716A.

Adding the extra ripping drive will make that Q run a very long time.

I had over 5000+ burns on my original 1620A,that is now in my nephew’s PC. Conventional,OTF,she’s still holding strong.

Of all the many,many backups I’ve burned, I can’t even wear out Q.

I did a TRT scan with my DW1640 the other day of a new burn with my DVR-215 (an MCC-004), and the scan had a significant dip at about 315 MB, after which it was smooth all the way to 4.31 GB. Thinking the dip was a little strange, I decided to do a TRT scan with the DVR-215, and it’s TRT was completely smooth through that 315 MB area. I don’t have immediate access to any other scanners. Which scan should I believe? Is this a sign of deterioration in my DW1640? Can I still trust it? Thanks.

[quote=pinto2;1973967]Maybe you forgot DW1640 can also scan at 1ECC Sum @ 4x speed.

Reference? I’m not getting the right combo in google to find anything useful. I’m only aware of 8ECC scanning on the 1640

It’s really hard to evaluate when a drive is going downhill, because most people don’t maintain their drives in the same way I do, so there is little of an objective point of reference.

For example, how many people here use something like an Allsop Ultra Pro Lens Cleaner, to remove dust from the laser lens? How many people keep the drive tray cleaned with alcohol and dust free? I have verifiable and significant improvements in burning results with my drives, by keeping them clean and as dust free as possible. Very few people do that. They just use a drive, and then a mountain of dust, dirt, and other crap accumulates over the years, and then they wonder why the drive doesn’t work so well anymore. So, I can’t even begin to tell you when you’ll know your 1640 is about to die, because unless you maintain it properly, you won’t even be able to properly evaluate it’s performance.

I have two 1650’s and a Pioneer dvr212 and a Liteon 20a1s and the Benq drive beat bothe the other drives hands down. the Pioneer would be the worst of all and they never update the firmware.
If I burn for myself I always use the Benqs as they give the best scans even though they have done hundreds more discs than the other drives.

My original Benq 1620 is still holding strong. This drive will not die and it’ll burn anything I slap in her!

I did break out my original 1640A-long dry spell. She’s in a very antique 598 mhz/P3 celeron,256 mbs rimm. The backup process time is way too long to compress movies on her,but non compressed backups using ImgBurn,she’s still burning up a storm.Non compressed backups,she’s actually faster than my main pc, Athlon 3300+.