When will DL burners drop in price?

I was wondering when you guys think Dual Layer Burners will drop in price since it is fairly new technology.

I am wondering because I am thinking about getting the 812s but I have time and I can wait for something better to come out.

If you can wait like you said, then I’d do it. Wait at least a few months or more until next generation burners come out, they’ll be faster and maybe better, most certainly cheaper. Then find out which are the best and pick one of those.

Myself, I’ll probably wait at least a year before I even think about getting one. By then I’ll pay like half or less than what the people now are paying. Also the media will be MUCH cheaper I’m sure. The blank discs cost so much now, it’s not worth it unless youre a die hard burner, salivating at the chance to dual burn. It’s temping I know, even I want to buy one, just to do it, but costs too dam much right now. my 2cents :slight_smile:

it’s an endless circle, or an endless rollercoaster… better and cheaper will always be around.

It’s all about timing your purchase at the right moment, so that the value of your purchase remains at a satisfactory level for a reasonnable amount of time (ie: not buy a burner 2 days before a price drop).

Personnally, I think i’ll jump on this wave of DL burners, 140$CDN for a NEC 2510A really sounds reasonnable. Then again, I heard the pioneer 108 can also do double layer (-R) and some1 commented that it might come early July…

Well, I guess current USD90 is not much for an excellent DL NEC ND-2510A BLK

The old saying is true:

“The best computer is the one coming out in 6 months.”


“the computer you REALLY want always costs $4000!”

I don’t think the price will every really go down, atleast not until DVD’s are obsoleted. The price of a good drive with the current capabilities (2.4X DL will become 4X DL and then 8X DL and so forth) will stay between ~$80.00 to ~$150.00 US for most popular drives. After you buy the drive you will quickly realize that in relation to the cost of media, if you burn a lot of DVD’s, the drive cost is not really that significant. So I would just go for it!

I haven’t even really looked, but isn’t the media very expensive? That would be the thing to keep me from getting one really. I didn’t realize the drives were that cheap already, I’d go for that. But not the expensive blanks.

Waiting for What?, You could be dead tomorrow, Buy you a drive now, the 2510 is the your best bet. Think about, what is 90 bucks for good DL drive that should give you years of dvd burning labor? You or I will Never be satisfied, you just bite the bullet and make yourself satisfied. The Companies want your money , thats why every few months a little “(speed)improvement” is done to their products. Soon as we max out at 16X on Single Layer DVD, Then we have to travel the Double Layer road to 16X. So don’t give in to there evil ways.

I think we’ll see some price drops when more manufacturers get “up to speed” on DL drives. In the next 3 months or so, it will go down some for sure, 'cause more manufacturers will jump into the DL ring. It will go down a lot when they introduce new DL drives with higher burn speeds, as the current drives of the time get phased out. As is the usual. Out with the old that they can no longer sell for a premium, and in with the new, which takes over the higher margins.

To cut it short, I would buy my 812s now and upgrade when DL is stable, proven, has faster burn speeds and far cheaper media. Minimum 6 months. More likely 8-12 months. Those are my projections. (and opinions on the worthyness of DL near-term).

DL burners don’t seem to be outrageously priced even now. Perhaps it’s the DL media that are too expensive for those who want to backup and duplicate DVD movie titles.