When Will ConvertXtoDVD support *.SSA subtitles directly

ConvertXtoDVD does not support *.SSA sub-title files.

Yes I know those files can be converted to *.SRT files with various utilities. HOWEVER ALL conversion utilites I have tried LOSE the POSTIION of each sub-title so the ENTIRE move must be re-sync’d with the sub-title file…

this is obviously IMPOSSIBLE. because IF I knew what was being spoken I WOULD NOT NEED sub-titles.

Not to mention the insane waste of hours of time in a futile attempt to guess what is being said and match it with a sub-title

Addionally all the conversion & sync utils that I tried ONLY work with ONE VOB file. Thus the job is insanely difficult.

WHEN will VSO convertXtoDVD work with *.SSA sub-title files directly ? (maintaining the synchronization).

or does anyone know a one step method of adding converted SSA files into ConvertXtoDVD and having the sub-titles work and be in sync?

All .ssa subs that I have have been converting just fine - just make sure that you DO NOT change framerate while converting, or you WILL lose sync.
Then all you need is to check that your movie and subs are using same framerate.

Some converters are converting framerate, but most of those are not working as they should.

Thanks for your reply.

Since making my post. I foudn the solution was MUCH EASIER than I thought.

VSO told me that they are not sure when / if they may add the *.SSA subtitle format, but I did ask them to consider it seriously.

The Solution was easy as I said:
I used Sub-Title workshop to convert the (2) *.SSA subtilte files.
It converted them in accordance with the matching *.AVI files, while giving a nice preview.

After converting to *.SRT
I then put all into VSO convertXtoDVD (latest release)
With (2) avi files of about 700 MB each and the sub-titles and highest quality settings :
I got a DVD of 4.28 GB in flawless quality, Sync was perfect of sub-titles (and sound)

so those that told me it was going to be H**L were totally wrong and got me afraid for no reason.

but it would be nice to have .SSA , just send us the subtitle file and we will try to support the format in a next release


Just so you know, a feature request already exists on the VSO Bug/Request site:


#00000092 was opened in the past requesting this.

thank you so much for the consideration.

I deleted the file after conversion. BUT I will look for it or another one to send you as soon as I can.

Blindwrite Team Member

attached you will find the *.SSA sub title files which you requested.

Seven Samuri SSA Sub-Title Files.zip (39.2 KB)