When will BenQ 1640 be out in USA?



i really want 8x dvd-/+r dl

or the plextor 740

it’s a rebadged 1640 right?


Plextor 740 is not proven to be 1640. Only speculations… because the drive has not been released yet.
8x DVD-R DL will probably be supported with a future firmware… but this are also speculations. Anyway… DVD-R DL won’t be as good as DVD+R DL but this are also only speculations.


sweet but when will it be out in USA?


Some time in june.


yay! i’ll wait for further reviews tho


when will this 1640 burner available for sale in usa.?


july i think


I read somewhere that it was due in the shops in the UK in May, then June now it looks like being July. Come July it’ll probably be August…
I’m getting inpatient now, starting to think about the NEC 3540.


don’t, cdrinfo’s review shows that it’s better than the 3540 but it’s up to you


in germany it’s available since mid may.


It’s now available in NZ. Should have mine on Monday :). So I would imagine it’s not too far off from being released in the USA :wink:

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DW1640 has been on the market in South Korea for some weeks as well, longer in Japan. It’s so strange there’s none yet in the US, the largest market in the world. BenQ LCD monitors and projectors are so cheap at newegg.com.


I love newegg.com. Just picked up a WD 320 GB S-ATA drive for $145 at Newegg. Now if they would only hurry up and stock the DW 1640 I would be most happy.


Yo, dtog! Whatever happened with your 1620? Still kept it or did you rma that puppy?


$145 for 320GB, cheap. Lowest price of WD3200JD in Seoul is about US$210. (OEM price should be around half of that.)

Hm… Pricewatch:

$419 - Serial ATA 500GB
$250 - Serial ATA 400GB
$155 - Serial ATA 320GB
$164 - Serial ATA 300GB
$102 - Serial ATA 250GB
$89 - Serial ATA 200GB
$70 - Serial ATA 160GB
$68 - Serial ATA 120GB
$53 - Serial ATA 80GB
$49 - Serial ATA 60GB
$47 - Serial ATA 40GB


what’s NZ?


New Zealand?


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.kr is South Korea and .jp is Japan.


I kept it. Not worth the hastle of RMA and it works correctly at 8X and some media at 12X. It only seems to really “fail” at 16X, and since this is just a hobby, I am always buying a new drive and selling the “old” ones. Also, I don’t burn many discs. I can always use my Pioneer if I just GOT to burn a disk at 16x :slight_smile: I am now using the BenQ for testing some older burns and can bitset the DVD+RW’s from my old set top DVD recorder. It does stuff the Pioneer drives don’t do. It’s worth keeping it for those reasons alone. :slight_smile:


Hey, it’s been a while … glad to hear, then, you’ll get some use out of the drive. RMA’s are kinda pains in the @$$, but I sure would’ve liked to see you be satisfied with a good Benq 1620 drive. Hey, whatever works for you. Sounds like you’ve got a nice system in place with an array of drives to suit your needs.

Re. Testing
Man, talk about addictive. I had NO idea how poor the quality of my old burns were (on a friend’s older 8x LiteOn external burner). I think I’m heading towards where chas0039 is at with his quality standards. The PIE’s & PIF’s never seem low enough. :slight_smile: