When will BDs dominate the world?



I just posted the article When will BDs dominate the world?.

Have Blu-ray Discs won the battle against HD-DVDs?
Though BD has been pushed by major companies to be the standard format for high-definition movie discs, the BD player prices are still too high to…

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I only care about watching the movie. I don’t care to hear any director’s comments or see any other pictures simultaneously. In my mind, the “extra features” are a waste of my time. Therefore, Blu-ray is a waste of my money.


Hehe. That title is funny. :B


“When will BDs dominate the world?” Easy. When Hell freezes over. @ buggsy I’m with you. I just want to watch the damn movie.


I just watch the movie only on my $179 BluRay/media player so I don’t see why you people are bitching about prices when you can have a BluRay+ player (as I call it) for


@ EPiPH0N3 Well, at least we finish our sentences. :+


Hey guys, don’t go around saying that you only want to watch the damn movies! Otherwise, what will happen with the complaining about Blu-Ray profile 1.0, 1.x, 2.0, etc? Don’t all of them allow you to watch the movie? Don’t these later profiles only allow you to watch what nobody wants to watch, i.e. the extras? :B


NEWSFLASH! NEWSFLASH! Hell expected to freeze over on the next few years! Stay tuned for continuing coverage of this groundbreaking event! … and for DukeNukem increasing dismay at Blu-Ray’s progress… :+


Bluray is highly dependant on the use of hdtv’s. HDTV’s are a niche product right now, and theirs an economic slowdown going on. The majority of people might have a hard time filling up their SUV’s than having enough cash to buy a new HDTV and a bluray player. DVD had the advantage of being quite better then vhs and no new tv required. I like bluray myself, but I wonder if it would end up like laserdisc, as an item that only appeals to a small part of the population.


HDTVs a niche product? In the US? Really? Man, the US must really be in deep recession or something. Over here, on a country at the bottom of the EU in almost every economic statistic, I see HDTVs being purchased left and right. Everyone and their cat has, at least, one. And we don’t even have any HDTV programming! The first demos are starting right now, albeit very timidly and just for some people (meaning, it’s not for the masses). And do you know how much does a gallon of unleaded cost here? 5.68 freaking Euros! Don’t even convert it to $US or you’ll get a heart attack. So, I’m really surprised. Is it really true, [B]zod[/B]?
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Johnzap, in the US, only HDTVs are being sold now, so it is not as if people have a choice. There are 720p sets available for those who cannot afford 1080p sets. I suspect that many people are buying them just because they like how thin they are! But inevitably, they’re prepared for high-def. Even in times of recession, people traditionally buy entertainment for themselves. Indeed, instead of travel, people go for home entertainment when times are tight.


When will BDs dominate the world? The only way I see it happening is to pull all the DVDs off the shelf and only offer Bluray movies. This was the final straw that caused me to jump ship from vinyl to CD. One day I went to the record store, and all the LPs were gone! :c So, even though I and all my friends had ginomous vinyl collections, we had to make the switch to CD and their puny packages with sh*tty album art and no decent inserts. We didn’t want to switch as we all had kickass turntanles and such, but with no new releases, we were screwed. :frowning: But, Bluray can’t pull this same stunt, if there is no install base, SO PLEASE - DO NOT BUY INTO THIS NEW FORMAT!! You will be sorry!! :d there’s going to be a lot of incentives coming along to trick people into abandoning DVD, so the marketing dweebs can reach some sort of “tipping point” and justify dropping the DVD format. When that happens, make sure to pick up a tube of KY jelly, as you are going to need it! :S
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@ johnzap “Over here, on a country at the bottom of the EU in almost every economic statistic” What country would that be? Do you live near Borat? You’re not living in a mud hut, are you? That would be pretty funny. I get this visual of you sitting in your mud hut watching HDTV. Gas in Canada is $1.29 a litre, or $4.90 CAD a gallon, or 3.12 EUR. Life in Canada sure is great. We’re an oil-exporting country, don’t ya know? @ Crabbyappleton “When that happens, make sure to pick up a tube of KY jelly, as you are going to need it!” Great minds think alike. Once Sony gets us by the balls, they’ll NEVER let go. We’ll be eating cereal with DRM before you know it. Stay away from Blu-ray folks. Remember when your parents told you never to talk to strangers. Well, Sony qualifies as strange. They’ll offer you candy, but don’t you take it.


Sony says, “I am the Master Of Puppets and I am pulling your strings! Bow before me and lament! For my quest for world domination will be complete! Mwhahahahahahahaha!!!” :d LOL , sorry I couldn’t resist. :slight_smile:


Blu-ray to dominate in 2 years? Achievable! :d :d :stuck_out_tongue: But define DOMINATE!


Nah, we all live in huts but there’s no mud. We keep it all clean and tidy. It’s difficult because the sewing system is practically non-existant but we manage. Actually I was kidding, we don’t even have electricity and fuel is only available to the government and their corrupt minions. Therefore, we only use animal-powered vehicles (the rich, that is!) and watch B/W TVs at the community centres; basically bigger huts with diesel powered generators. But, for whatever reason, even though we are unable to switch them on, we like HDTVs very much. They make for very nice decoration items.


There is no difference in movie quality between hd-dvd and blu-ray. Both discs contain data. Both formats use h264 as the encryption method, the differece between the two is the wavelenght in which they record the data on the disk. It’s like comparing a diesel engine to a gasoline engine, both use different methods to power the engine, both get you to the same place. Only Sony uses restrictions on the users on what they can copy. So I will NEVER buy blu-ray. It’s not superior, it’s the data that counts.


@ johnzap I won’t quote all the stuff from your last comment that made me laugh, because almost all of it did. Good to see you have a rich sense of humour, even if you are reduced to eating insects while watching your non-operational 1080p TV. Seriously, which country are you in? Here in Canada people are buying HD televisions. Some buy LCD, some plasma, some DLP, and some still buy SD CRTs. I’m not aware of any analog deadline such as the US has, but I’m sure it’s just a matter of time. Like I’ve said in previous posts, I’m probably going to get a 50" 1080p LCD sometime later this year. I was at Best Buy tonight with my son and I saw a BEAUTIFUL 58" Pioneer plasma. Just $4,000. Ouch. The current recession is hurting, but eventually we’ll all have HD. I just hope, for the sake of the children and our own souls, that we can find an alternative to Blu-ray. Last night I heard my little boy praying. “And God bless mommy and daddy, and my pet frog… oh, yeah, and Toshiba. God bless Toshiba”. Bless his little heart. :slight_smile:


Blu-ray will end up as Laser Disc Mark II - an obscure format for tech nerds/videophiles/idiots with more money than sense. If one wants to watch HD then get an upscaling DVD player and a cheap LCD TV. This way you can give Blu-ray the big fat finger!.


[B]DukeNukem[/B], I’m glad you appreciated my sriblings. They were written for you, after all. :wink: Country: Portugal. Over here it’s increasingly difficult to find CRTs on sale. Even when there are a few available, they are, usually, tucked at an obscure corner, all dirty and dusty. However, since we don’t have any HDTV programming, I’m sure that people embarked on the HDTV purchase craze because they do look a lot better than traditional CRTs. Even if, most of the time, picture quality with SDTV is really bad on LCDs and, to a lesser extent, plasmas. I believe I’m lucky, since I’ve a HDTV CRT (Philips) which goes up to 1080i (via component or HDMI). I watch SDTV with a nice image, thanks to the CRT tube and the Pixel Plus tech and I’m also able to watch HD. Best of both worlds. :B
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