WHen will 4550 hit the states

Just joined the forum today as was looking for a new DVD burner. After reading over several post had decided on a BenQ 1650, can’t find one, need it in beige. Then decided on the 4550. Can’t find one of them either. Guess they have not hit the States yet. Has anyone heard when they might be avalible?

Mad Dog tripple format burner. Currently sold by CompUSA and CircuitCity.
(MD16X3DVD98X) AFAIK, black only.

Ditto! Also newegg has the BQs for $49 BL! 1655?


$80 is still a bit too high, especially considering I can get the original 4550 shipped all the way from UK for $63, including all shipping and currency surcharges. Nice to know where they are though. Thanks.

CC had them on sale last month for $40. Wish I’d seen that. $80 isn’t bad for an off-the-shelf drive. You can certainly spend a lot more for a lot less drive. :iagree:

Thanks, I’ll keep checking CC.