When WEBCAM CYBERSEX Goes Wrong.. real wrong!

:disagree: When WEBCAM CYBERSEX Goes Wrong… real wrong!!! :doh: :sad:



that is why …i never have webcam cybersex…:slight_smile:

especially with you :bigsmile:

I can just imagine a slight problem … asking my GF to use her webcam for cybersex …

/me would be the first helmetless austronaut :wink:

HAHAHAHA OMG that is so wrong in so many ways its not even funny!

Not having a sister myself, I would have to disagree with the “not even funny” part!
It’s hilarious! :bigsmile:

Just to see the reaction of my sister, I showed her the video. I havnt spoken to her since Thursday. She refuses to even come up to the house or call, ha ha


I hate it when Webcam Cybersex Goes Wrong and happens to me!! :o

Favourite rerun Merv? :smiley:

Yeah, that’s a Dutch TV ad as part of a campaign to prevent kiddos from having cybersex and doing things they might regret. It says " Don’t get an internet STD" in the end.

Hahahaha. Ewwwwwwwwww

there’s always an element of risk in something so enjoyable… sometimes you’ll just go… :doh:

This website seems to be brought to everyone’s attention quite frequently lately…

hmm…no suspicious looking smiley…

LOL…you noticed too huh Tax? :wink:

Yeah, I too noticed that there is no suspicious looking smiley… :bigsmile: