When was the world created?

A lot of opinions hover around the planet we call Earth, but what is your belief!? When was the world created?

Thousands of eons ago? Five minutes ago? I dunno who is wrong or right anymore!

Who cares?

Huh? There’s a World? Somebody created it? Why didn’t anyone tell me that before?.. :confused:

Is this just an evil ploy to get me to stop doing important things like scanning some discs or watching tv?

tv? What is tv?

oops this is offtopic :doh:

I think a more relevant question is when will the earth be DESTROYED and can we avoid it??

I heard a meteor could crash into Earth in 50 years if it will stay on the right bearing :wink:

Humm… In the wisely considered words of Missy Elliot:
“Run for cover Mutha F***er”

Although, I don’t think she fully considered [I]where[/I] you would run for cover too, in the event of a meteor strike.

Under Debro’s InsaneHat…if he’ll let us :wink:

Why worry about a meteor strike?DrageMester’s dictionary:
Meteor strike: Meteors stop working to press demands, thus refusing to hit anything.If we refuse to pay the meteors a salary that’s higher than they get today, they will just have to continue the strike instead of doing their job like they’re supposed to, e.g. hitting the Earth to make dinosaurs or humans extinct.

I vote for the meteor strike to continue! :iagree:

Uh-uh! :disagree:

Consider this: If debro wears underwear on his head, then where do you think he wears his hat? :wink:
You can stop screaming now! :bigsmile:

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That is a very worrying mind you have there … screaming continues!!

Arachne may well change her mind about hiding under the insane hat now :iagree:

Huh, I wish… I still have 2 hours to go… as you can all tell I am working particularly hard at boosting company productivity this afternoon, and haven’t been wasting company resources posting about the world ending, or cold in Australia, or anything of the sort… :disagree:

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LOL! I take back the bit about hiding under the InsaneHat then :eek:

Screams like a…uhhhh…girl

The best estimates put it in the 4-5 billion years ago range, from what the dating shows.

gonne get a life. :slight_smile:

That’s a freaking long dating show. :bigsmile:

How do they know that … I mean … has someone actually sat down for a few years with a microscope & watched the carbon atoms in a corpse disintegrate to determine exactly how fast it happens?

if we are the matter where did all the antimatter go???

I think he is lost somebody find him before its too late, please superman help us

On holiday to Hawaii.

I suspects he’s having too much fun to come home again.

Actually earths age was determined from a meteorite. But anyway, basically it’s the quota of lead and uranium in your sample. Samples taken from the moon confirms that both were formed at the same time, and we can therefore be quite sure that is when our planet was formed.

Now, you being debro I suspect you already knew this, and you have made me look up stuff and being all scientific for no other reason than your ego :stuck_out_tongue:

the world was created the day you were born.