When Was The Last Time We Were Wrong?



I notice there are always new people who come to this forum, and they seem to be unaware of just how keen our accumulated experience is with optical drives and media, and how we can often just look at a drive or a spindle and guess what it is, but they seem to not want to believe it. They want evidence.

They want the manufacturer to publicly admit the kind of drive they are rebadging, which is impossible. :disagree:

They want the tech support people at major corporations to be smarter than the geeks on this board, which is impossible. :disagree:

They want companies to tell them who is the actual manufacturer of the media they are buying, which is impossible. :disagree:

They want to know anything and everything about what they are buying, without spending the time to do their own research, and without listening to what people with lots of experience have to say. :doh:

So my question is, when was the last time WE were wrong? When was the last time we used our powers of extrapolation, and came up with a wrong conclusion? Note, I’m including the corrective powers of Francksoy’s and others skepticism in the formulation. Usually, even if we are off, one of our resident materialists will set us on the right course, and quickly.


I Cant say that any Expert on cdfreaks was Wrong,
I have even used said Stuff here to Quote to the Salsman at my PC SHOP that KNOW nothing of [B]STAMP[/B] codes[B] HUB [/B]codes Disc[B] MID[/B]
I got a Blank look
After talking a bit to him HE admitted that a Few of his BACKUPS dont play after a Year ot 2


:flower::flower: for Enlightening me :flower::flower:


When was last time?