When TS_VIDEO is on hard drive

I recently had a problem backing up my XMen (R1) DVD with CloneDVD2
(version, and there was a thread suggesting copying the TS_VIDEO
folder to your hard drive. Unfortunately, AnyDVD (version couldn’t
decrypt on the fly because it’s looking for the source on a DVD drive and not a
folder. I had to use DVDDecrypter to rip the files to my HD, and then
CloneDVD2 to back it up.

Is there a way to direct AnyDVD to look for the source in a folder? Thanks.

Not too sure what you mean? To get the files from a DVD onto your hard drive all you have to is drag and drop (or cut and paste - what ever tickles your fancy!!) AnyDVD works it’s magic on the fly and it all happens as it copies the files over - give it a go and see if it works for you!!

Thanks. In my previous attempts, AnyDVD was disabled when I dragged
the TS_VIDEO to my HD. This time it was on and everything worked.

Glad you got it working oaky!!


I just got AnyDVD and have sort of the same issue. I have about 40 DVD’s on my hard drive as VIDEO_TS files in folders, and can’t figure out how to get AnyDVD to work its magic when playing them back in MCE 2005. How are you getting AnyDVD to recognize this playback as a drive?

Thanks, Neal

If they are all ready on your hard drive, you don’t need AnyDVD to do anything.

Hi Neal,

You have to run AnyDVD first, then copy the TS_VIDEO files to your hard drive to remove the advertisements, copy protection, etc…