When transcoding computer shuts down



everytime i transcode a movie in clone dvd the comp keeps shutting down at any percent, it shut down when it was almost complete at 84% sometimes 10% why is this happening all of the sudden this started to happen yesterday. it happens with dvd shrink also. anyone know whats up?


Check your CPU cooling & power supply. This might be a power/heat problem.


i have a laptop and where do i go to check cpu and power supply and what am i pose to do to make it right.this never happend before it started to shut down yesterday. and i burned a iso movie which i had in the hard drive with no problem. the laptop shutting down only happens when transcoding.


You didn’t say you have a laptop. You should ask some qualified service person. Transcoding uses a lot of CPU power = high power consumption = hot.
Burning ISO does not use CPU very much.


i do not know any qualified service person so anyone that knows whats up i would appreaciate it alot.


one way to check if it is an overheating issue is to use a fan put it as close as possible to the laptop with the airflow directly on the laptop then try transcoding and see if it shuts down. if it doesnt then you know you have a heat issue and you might want to invest in a notebook cooler which is basically a base the notebook sits on that has two fans in it.


I agree its a cooling issue. You should check your BIOS and make sure you are not overclocking and that your processor is correctly identified. There’s a chance it could be bad RAM. Again, in the BIOS, check that you are not using the wrong memory timing’s.


where do i go tocheck the bios and what is the right memory timing?


You can check your mainbord`s manual and set memory timing on SPD


He uses a laptop…

@ecw: I suggest you ask in a hardware forum, you might find better information there. this is getting a little off-topic for a clonedvd software forum.


Sorry,I do not see this@@ :o


My laptop over heated while burning movies too. I had to lean it up on something so it isnt flat on the desk. I suggest buying a small cooling pad for it. Not that much money.


i get the same, seems to be since i installed sony vegas 5 - i think the mpeg codec has screwed up my system, as transcoding to dv/avi or wmv works fine.

dvd shrink still works fine, recode2 crashes though (which is odd as they’re almost the same program).

it’s not cooling, my cpu never goes above 40c, i guess it may be the psu, but that’s a 500w with pretty good rails.

it’s not spyware or viruses, i’m very careful about that sort of thing.

i think i’ll do a fresh windows install to get rid of the bad codecs etc.

if that doesn’t do it, i think i’ll use this athlon for linux and buy a pentium4 for windows, they seem more stable.


Thanks, sej7278. I was experiencing this problem, and your mentioning the mpeg codec led to my fix. After you said that, it occurred to me that I had recently installed the mpegable DS Decoder (from download.com) to allow me to watch .mp4’s using Windows Media Player. Un-installed mpegable, and bang, problem solved!

It never would’ve occurred to me that the mp4 decoder could be affecting CloneDVD’s ability to rip a DVD. You pointed me in the right direction, though! Thanks again!


Wow! Neither to me (CloneDVD does not use DirectShow at all)! Very interesting observation!