When to use Nero software?

I’m very new to creating backup DVD’s (<1 month) so forgive me for my ignorance.

I’m using DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink to make my backup copies and they have worked flawlessly. No coasters so far after about 10 movies. My question is, should I use the Nero software I have installed for anything? I mean, the stuff I have works but I was wondering if Nero does it faster or better or something? Just wondering what you guys use Nero for considering the other programs are free. Thanks for the insight.

Dvdshrink uses nero to burn. You will find it under preferences in dvdshrink

I use DVD Decrypter to actually do the burning.

Dvddecrypter has an excellent burning engine. As for what I use Nero for, I use it to burn data and audio cd’s.

The wife uses it to make the dvd covers too, is there a better product for that? She’s pretty good with it now so I doubt she would switch anyways.

Try http://www.cdcovers.cc/covers.php for covers and download coverxp, works great.

Thanks for the cdcovers site and coverxp, both kick serious ass! Much much easier!

No problem, glad to help :slight_smile: