When to use Multisesion

Hi you all,
I was wondering if anyone here can explain (please) when to use Multisesion
and what for anyway…
Plus how to recover a DVD that you burned in moltisesion but does not work

Thanks for the helpers…

If there is a subject on that already please give me a link & close this thread.

Multisession allows you to add to the media after you are done burning it. When you finalize a CD-R disc, you cannot add to it. Many stand-alone players will not read/play a disc that has not been finalized.

With the affordable cost of cds, I believe most people will finalize them as that reduces many problems associated with multisession use.

Take a look at this thread:


Thanks a lot for the info.

If you want another opinion: Don’t use it if you can afford to, and you may save some futures problems.
Perform a search on “multisession” and you will find this advice most of times.