When to use Clone?

What is the Differance between Ripping and Cloneing?

By “Clone” do you mean CloneDVD/CloneCD?

Please be more specific.

Ripping is usually meant to remove from the source as in the expression “rip-off”. Operationally, when someone rips a file, they make a copy from the source to a different location. An example would be to rip a track from a CD and the destination could be a hard drive. In a program such as AnyDVD (and many many others), there is an option to rip to hard drive. Once it is on the hard drive, changes can be made to the files or they can be burned to other media.

Cloneing usually means a direct duplicate of a disc but cloning programs allow many adjustments to be made in what is copied. Additionally, programs such as Nero allow duplication of DVDs with additional adjusments but they are not thought of as cloneing programs.