When to set RPC1?

I’ve just replaced my Sony DRU-500A with a NEC ND-3520A (firmware 1.04). I have a link to a page that has a bunch of interesting tools to install in my 3520A.
Should I install the RPC1 and Rip Lock Patch now before selecting a region for my burner?
Does anyone know how this will affect DVD Decrypter?
I found a link that listed a bunch of patches for the 3520.
If anyone used the Liggy’s and Dee’s NEC ND-3520 1.U& (Beta7), can you please post your comments?

Use Liggy/Dee’s Beta 7. You’ll be just fine. Be forewarned that flashing with UNOFFICIAL firmware will void your warranty.

Thanks for the warning.

The LD Beta 7 includes RPC1. If I flash my firmware and don’t have a zone set, will I still be able to use PowerDVD?

Do I have to use DVD Genie if my fimware is RPC1 to use Power DVD?

If I set my drive to RPC1, is that reversable?

You should be able to use PowerDVD. I don’t have any experience w/ DVD Genie, but I don’t think it’s is needed. Before you flash your drive, remember to make a dump (backup) of your original firmware. You should be able to return back to RPCII.

if your dvd drive is rpc1 and you’re not using a program like AnyDVD to dynamically remove region protection from your dvds, you WILL have to set the region in software dvd players like powerdvd. if your drive is rpc1, setting it back to rpc2 is as easy as flashing the drive with an official firmware.