When to replace my DVD burner?


how can I tell that it’s time to replace my DVD burner? is there any software that can give information when the burner is diying?

When it starts producing bad burns with good media consistently. There is not a software program capable of determining it as it doesn’t contain the nessasary components to monitor health like a HDD does.

Didn’t you know, everyone here already owns 10+ DVD Burners and just adds more drives for no reason? :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, if you’re still getting good burns and no problems with your discs, then that’s pretty much the best way of deciding. You may want to consider a new drive though if your current one is 4x or slower, or 8x and doesn’t have very good firmware support for newer 16x media. Some 8x burners do fine with most 16x media with their latest firmware, but some 8x burners are bad even with a lot of 8x media and have terrible support for 16x media. In any event, updating your drive’s firmware to the latest and/or best is always a good idea.

Actually I have LG HL-DT-ST GSA-4160B and it is flashed with latest firmware.
My problem is that, after burning my Data DVD (Avi files), and varifying the burned dvd and it is ok, when I try them again in the same dvd burner drive, my PC hangs and I have to restart the system, it has kind of a reading problem. ??!!
By the way, all my “Avi files” DVD burnt are working fine in my DVD stand alone Philips divx player.