When to buy new computer

I want to buy a new computer, the one I have is 4 years old and it cannot play anything well. But it seems like right now is the worst time to buy a computer because of stuff like BTX, DDR2, and PCI-X. So, should I just go ahead and buy a top-of-the-line computer now, or wait a year for all the new hardware?

something new will always be on the horizon, so the best thing to do is buy what you can afford and then periodically upgrade instead of waiting another four years. If you do this you keep costs down to a mimimum and your pc will always be relatively new.

And a different point of view for you as well.

Personnelly I would say wait for BTX. Simply because that is the new standard that will take over from ATX. This way you get PCI- Express which will offer 2x the speed of AGP 8x. There are also lots of other benefits as well. The lsat reaon is that you can’t upgrade from ATX to BTX. It will use different graphics, chips, ram the lot. The only thing that would work in BYTX would be you sound card.

I am currently using a Pentium 3 450Mhz with a 16mb Voodoo Banshee card for my everyday stuff. I am waiting for the BTX before I upgrade for the above reasons.

Hope that helps.

the problem is that the one I can afford now may be difficult to upgrade in the future, right?
When BTX comes out, it will cost somewhere in the $4000s for a new computer. So, I think I should buy a good one now, and then upgrade in a year or two when the price is down. The problem is I would have to buy a new motherboard, chipset, video card, memory, and case. It seems like just buying another computer.

well when new standards are set, they always need time to mature, so waiting and waiting will get you nowhere. If you wait a year then something else will be almost about ready, so you wait for that, then something else will be almost about ready, so you wait for that, then something else will be almost about ready, so you wait for that, then something else will be almost about ready, so you wait for that, then something else will be almost about ready, so you wait for that, then something else will be almost about ready, so you wait for that, then something else will be almost about ready, so you wait for that, then something else will be almost about ready, so you wait for that…etc

As you can see you will wait forever. If your computer at present cannot do what you want it to do, then upgrade to a level that is satisfactory… Then when it is obselete again, that new great standard might just be ironed out.

I agree with hburrows83 - it depends on what your current situation is. If your on a 333 celeron with 64bm Ram and an S3 VGA, oh well - that is plainly a torture from where i am standing.

You can easily upgrade to something cheap and effective now for say 350$ tops (new board/Athlon/1 dimm) and wait for another year till new tech emerges.

@aaaamooaaaa: I also agree with hburrows83 and Hemispasm here. There is always something new, so unless you need to wait for some particular feature, now is as good as anytime to buy. Let your needs drive your decision.

Fair enough people.

I just hate buying something that I won’t be able to upgrade to the latest technology in a short while. To me seems like a waste of money. That why I am STILL waiting for BTX to come out.

Hmmm My computer really is pants unless something happens soon with BTX I may just change my mind. :stuck_out_tongue:

without being too disrespectful womble that’s maybe why your still on your crappy old computer. fear of upgrading because it will be obsolete or unupgradable a few months down the line is unfotunately the nature of this ever evolving business. [ie all the peeps who bought athlon 64s know that they won’t be able to upgrade when amd change their socket standard, but still went ahead and bought them. now they are enjoying all their benfits, still knowing they cannot upgrade]

enjoy the riches of today and upgrade when needed, or wait for new features till the end of time…

Each to their own of course!!!


coming from someone who just put together a new system a few weeks ago, I think now is a pretty good time to put something together (new tech on the horizon aside).

CPUs for about $200 if you drop below the bleeding edge Athlon 64s and P4 EEs. Good Mobos for $100-$150. OK vid cards for $150. and HDs at $.50 USD/GB if you look out for rebates and promotions.

No offense taken. I simply made a decision to wait for BTX. I do tend to stick to decisions I make adter some serious though. I do like the newest technology and didn’t want to get a newer ATX system and then go “I should have waited”. I’ve been around long enough now to know 6 months after you buy a new computer it will be out of date. I can accept that if I am happy with the system I have at the time. If I had ATX and then BTX came out 2-3 months later I would be a little P*ssed off.

next question: Intel or AMD 64. I really have no idea which is better. I really enjoy gaming and video editing. I am not sure which will be better for my needs. Also, any comments about Alienware? I’m considering buying there.

I hear that when Intel gets hot, it slows down, when AMD gets hot, it melts.

I like Intel, Others like AMD. Once again you are going to get different views on this. You won’t get all of the power from your AMD 64 unless you also have a 64 bit O/S.

Alienware looks good and use good parts. However they do seem to be quite expensive.

Finally things get hot. Thats what fans are made for.

I’d want AMD 64 simply for the 64 bit capability. Perhaps it may not be useful now, but in a couple years it would make a sweet ol’ server when I upgrade again. It doesn’t hurt anyway imo :iagree:

just go for what you can afford… Both chips for what you want it to do have very little difference. You will be very happy with either.

I have been in the computer industry for over 30 years. Way before the IBM PC even came out. Since the PC was introduced, the best time to buy a computer has always been about 6 months from the current date. There has always been something a little better on the horizon that is tempting to wait for. But as everyone has pointed out, if you try to wait 6 months everytime, you never will upgrade.

The tact I take is to upgrade components as new technology becomes available (and stable!). I only bought one new PC in my life – back in about 1983 or so. Since then, I have upgraded components as needed. Technically, I am still using the same computer I bought in 1983, although there is not a single part in my current machine that was in the original.

last question: LCD or CRT?
LCDs are nice and small but rather expensive. CRTs are cheaper but very bulky for a college dorm. Also, LCDs can be shipped with dead pixels and the warranty covers only after 10 pixels or so. Thats ridiculous.

Until they can make a 17" LCD for a reasonable price (much closer to CRT prices) I’m still a 19" CRT man. Plus for gaming CRT is still the king.

If money is no object, buy the best there is now because your current computer sounds dysfunctional. If money is an object (and let’s face it, it almost always is) buy what you can afford now. When BTX, PCI-X, DDR2 and SATA2 are availabe, you’ll pay top dollar. The most economical approach, of course, is to buy “trailing edge” stuff which will certainly be better than what you have. Yet for just a little more you can probably have a much better system now what will last you awhile.

Personally, I don’t take this advice. I buy the parts I can afford, but my PC is always in a constant state of upgrade. The real trauma comes when I need to replace the case, psu and EVERYTHING else.

What is the best CRT on the market? I am willing to pay up to $400 on one.