When the PX-716A full review will come out?

Or if anyone here is going to organize one?
I’m looking forward a both good quality and longevity drive.
And it’ll be my first DVD burning drive.

Welcome to the forum Valerón,

I am working on the PX-716A review and I hope to have it online this week. Only one problem though: the test media I have ordered still hasn’t arrived yet :frowning: If I can’t finish it this week, it will be online next week for sure (provided of course my test media ever gets here ;)).

G@M3FR3@K, from where do you order your media?

Utrèg de gekste!! :stuck_out_tongue:

G@M3FR3@K,thanks for your reply.
Looking forward the review.
Hope that it’s an excellent drive or I’ll choose another model.

Ordered the media with Q-Supply GmbH in Germany… it must be busy over there because of the Holidays.

Actually I don’t live there but right next to it, in the city where the KNVB is located :wink:

GF, can you give us a sneak peak, what Media IDs are you using for your 716a review?

Sure but I can only mention brandnames since I’m currently at work ;). Out of the top of my head:


Ricoh 4x --> 4x write
Plextor/TYuden 4x --> 8x write
Plextor/TYuden 8x --> 16x write
Mitsubishi 16x --> 16x write

Expecting the arrival of Philips/Ricoh 8x, Ritek 8x, Verbatim 8x, Verbatim 2.4x DL (and another DL brand but I forgot which one).


That’s/TYuden 8x --> 16x write
Arita 4x --> 4x write
Verbatim Pastel 8x --> 12x write

OC-Freak will also be adding some scans. If you really want the Media ID’s I can check for you tonight zevia.

Thanks GF and OC. No that’s fine, I can guess the MIDs from your post.

just to follow …

It’ll be online this week. I am awaiting the arrival of some media (mainly DL media). Because of Christmas it was quite busy so my shipment was delayed. DVD+R, DVD-R and general tests are completed.

Does this include the advanced tests also (reading/writing of audio/game-protections)?

Should be, they don’t depend on delayed arriving of some DL media. :slight_smile:

Small update: received my test media yesterday and I spent all night scanning only two DVD+R DL discs. Writing and scanning these discs takes an awful lot of time! I also added some more DVD+R scans to get a better overall picture. Anyway, I will hopefully be able to wrap up the review tonight but I can’t guarantee it, sorry :frowning:

Scanning also took more time for me.

Here’s my “sample” table, hardly completed just for one firmware of one drive.



Mainly I spent just some hours to test and write.

They really need Newegg in Europe. I select the $4 FedEX saver shipping, click submit, in two days the goodies are sitting at the front door. :bow:


@ G@M3FR3@K
could you post some cdr media test ? (ty)
im waiting for your review to join the plex clan :slight_smile:
thanks in advance

If anyone is interested I found a review here. http://www.hwspirit.com/reviews.php?read=15

In Asia, too.

Newegg has land on China for more than 2 years, AFAIK.
But the price is somehow always higher than the ones in market.
Or they’ll give you something in addition, just like serveral pieces of media bundle with a burner.
So it’s not so deserve to deal with them.

Canton’s too far away from Seoul anyway. Though I just said Asia, Asia has more than 4 billion people. Newegg recently started working with their “sources” in Taiwan and in China. Like HP and Dell have done.

Truly global should mean one market for all. It shouldn’t cost that much to send some hardware products across the Pacific of the Atlantic. It’s just that like telephones and air travels one century ago such things are still reserved for the rich and the profit-oriented business bodies rather than the majority of consumers and prosumers.

Thus, I couldn’t order the MCC004 from Dell or order some TDK and Maxell 16x DVD-R from Tokyo either. Lots of wasted opportunities. I can have 10 MCC004 now for 99,000 won which is about US$95. It’s that high because the media are bundled with a BenQ DW1620 OEM (Nu-tech DDW-163 package.) Otherwise, an MCC004 disk costs somewhere around US$1.5 and US$2.5. Maxell 5x DVD-RAM single-sided 4.7GB disc and without a protective cartridge for US$18.

Such market situations affect everyone and especially the reviewers and hardware enthusiasts negatively. Though there are also people who make very profitable use of them.