When someone tells you to "reload" your computer, what does that mean?

My friend was given a desktop by his friend. This desktop had Windows Millenium but the friend upgraded it to Windows XP.

When the cable tech came by to connect the cable high speed internet, he told my friend that he should have the computer “reloaded”. Does this mean to reformat the HDD?

If so, I’m assuming he’ll need the upgrade disk that was used to upgrade the computer from Millenium to XP…is that a safe assumption? The only problem is, his friend didn’t give him the Windows XP upgrade disk. So, how can he have the shop “reload” his computer?

Is there some way for me to help him? He not at all computer literate…he’s in his early 80’s but is determined to learn how to operate the computer at least. I’d like to be able to help him.

When he took his computer to the shop to have it “reloaded”, the computer guy told him he couldn’t do it because he didn’t have a Windows XP Authenticity number as he should have. He said no one would be able to help him. Is this true?

I was wondering if the OS could be copied to an external HDD and then put back on the computer after the HDD has been reformatted…if that’s what you do when you “reload” one (reformat the HDD).

All comments will be most appreciated.

Why does the computer need “reloading”, is there a problem with it. Does it need the the drivers for the high speed connection and the disc is needed for that? Please try and explain a bit more.

Reloading means to format the hard drive and install the operating system. If you know the reason why the tech said that, you could probably fix the problem without doing a reload.

Guys, I don’t know why the tech told my friend to take it to a shop and have it reloaded. Possibly because my friend asked him if he could take AOL off and clean it up…I really don’t know (nor does he).

I may try to convince my friend to “save his money” if it’s working OK after the cable internet install. I may have to stop by his house and check it out.

If I get any information, I’ll post a reply. Thanks for asking and thanks slytrans69…that was what I thought he meant…but as you said, why?