When should "Set Booktype to DVD-ROM" be enabled?


There is a setting under DVD Fab Platinum:
Settings >>> Set Booktype to DVD-ROM

When should “Set Booktype to DVD-ROM” be enabled?
What are the advantages of setting it to “ON”

When should “Set Booktype to DVD-ROM” be disabled?
What are the advantages of setting it to “OFF”

Why wouldn’t you always enable the “Set Booktype to DVD-ROM” setting?


With +R disks Booktype to DVD-ROM enhances compatibility with certain standalone players. Not supported by every writer.

And, CDfreaks is so cool that it has automatically provided you with a link to this issue as well.

Short answer is that players expect to see DVD-ROM discs since this is format commercial DVDs are produced. DVD-R is more compatible and booktype cannot be set to DVD-Rom. DVD+R is not compatible with older players so setting booktype to DVD-ROM tricks the player into thinking the disc is a DVD-ROM, but it remains a DVD+R because it was not a real change.



Thanks for the explanation.
Nice, simple and to the point.

My next question is as follows.
Why wouldn’t you always just leave the setting relating to “Set Booktype to DVD-ROM” to be always enabled?
Based on your explanation, it appears that there is nothing to lose by leaving this setting always enabled???

Any comments?


Setting DVD-Rs to DVD-Rom causes problems. I use a BenQ 1625 burner that comes with a program called QSuite that allows the burner to be set to always burn +Rs as DVD-ROM. Your burner may have this type of setup program too, if so you can set it to burn all +Rs to DVD-ROM and not have to worry with setting it each time.


Dear Mack:

You stated in your earlier response:
“Setting DVD-Rs to DVD-Rom causes problems.”

So that I can better understand, what are these “problems”?


To be honest I am not sure where I read it and that -R booktype should never be set but will get back with you.


Here are some links about media:



It will make no difference in regards to burning a -R disc if bitsetting is enabled as it is a writing instruction that is enabled only when +R discs are used , it is not possible to bitset a -R disc .As bigmacnc has stated he uses QSuite whic in fact is exactly the same as what you are refering to so you can leave it enabled if you wish . I myself use a software to burn which has auto bitsetting enabled and have never had any issues at all .