When rdy to copy movie, blank disc will not appear, cannot copy

Help, Newbie first time.

I have DVDneXtcopy, reinstalled, anydvd, reinstalled, writers reinstalled, registry cleaned and on and on. After I record a movie in projects, I try to burn. I put in the new dvd, (many different ones) but it’s the same. It flashes, like it will show the blank dvd screen, then the drive goes cold. Lights out, nothing.

It was working great, I suspect a movie bumped it off, but no idea which one.

I’m out of ideas. When I check the properties of the writers, the recording is always knocked off.

Please help.

Hi and Welcome to the forum. I suspect this has nothing to do with your software, but with your DVD RW device. Can you give us a little more information? What type of recording device have you used. Have you tried seeing if Windows recognizes the drive. What does " The recording is always knocked off mean?"

Hi, I’m slow to figure out my way around this forum. I have an external Lacie and and an internal HP for my Pavillion. They were both working perfectly, then both stopped. I can write files on both. It’s only when I try to record a movie off my DVDnextcopy that it fails. When I insert a blank disc, I usually get a screen with the blank disc info. Now I get a slight flash on the monitor and then the light goes out in the driver and it stops reading.

When I check the properties of the driver, both of the recording options are off, even when I recheck and apply.

Also, how do I find out how Windows recognizes a drive?

When I look in explorer I see both my drives listed