When people mess with other people

they can get backfired upon.

Don’t ever underestimate to power of stupidity.

Also , do not expect people not to take action.

Sweet Justice.

Cool, those guys from Attrition are usually very funny when dealing with nitwits.

Hehe, what an idiot.

Originally posted by Chriso
Hehe, what an idiot.

The world is full of those…

btw, nice avatar :wink:

LOL, how annoying it is when you tell your friends how to do something on a PC and 5 mins later they ask you haw you do it.

Thanx about avatar.

Hilarious. Just hilarious.

What a stupid F@#k!!!


Its hilarious that people like this are allowed to breed. Well, atleast he didnt ask for a tutorial on how to do it.