When media goes bad

Hi all.
Ive been using Princos for the last few months, without a hitch. (and hope they stay that way)
But Ive only just started to learn/use kprobe + other testing app’s.

To the people who write an say “I used to use brand x - but after so many months they became unreadable…”

Did you run tests on the discs when you first burnt them - and if so, is there any diff between the results done then + now?

Just wondering…

ummm i hope you don’t have anything important on those discs… check the media forum and you will see results with princos. not good.

Consider your Princo’s, Blanko’s in about 2-3 months. You’ll be lucky to be able to read them :smiley: Princo is about as good a dvd as the Pinto was a car

People say the same about Optodiscs - but I get better results with them than Vebatim MCC03’s in my LG 4160b.
I haven’t tested the longevity yet though.

I don’t really mind.

So long as a disc lastes 5+ years then it has done it’s job.

All our important data will be on 3rd gen BluRay at that stage (or better).