When is there ever going to be a review for 716A?



I still haven’t found a single review for this drive on the internet! Does anyone have an idea when a review is pending??

I guess people are just waiting for the bugs to be worked out, but I think a product should be reviewed as it is released to the public. I also think that if the model of the drive that reviewers get is of much greater hardware quality than the one buyers are getting at BestBuy right now, I think people should know it.

Anyway, just my two frustrated cents.

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Reviews won’t appear until Plextor starts shipping units to the reviewers. Reviewers will probably receive units with TLA #0202, the same revisions as consumers can buy in the stores (eventually since in the U.S. other TLA’s are already available but here in Europe older TLA’s probably won’t be sold). When I receive my test unit I will post some preview scans of course.


Review samples don’t need to be better than consumer drives. Sometimes they could be different, but it’s even more likely that people who buy drives AFTER reading the reviews will enjoy better performance due to enhancements and bug fixes that are done while the reviewers still test or after the tests.


G@M3FR3@K, will you only post scans with Plextools when you do your review, or will you also post a few Kprobe scans?


If I was in charge of the marketing department for an ODD company, I would make damn sure that any drives sent to reviewers were best-of-batch and already tested to guarantee good results.

That’s why I only read reviews for features, not performance. I’d prefer it if reviewers could just grab a consumer model off the shelf at the local electronics store (and be reimbursed later) rather than rely on the hand-picked Rolls Royce.


It’s a good point but that would mean we’d have to go out and buy one. This is not something I would want to do since it would cost a lot of money as most reviewers review more than one drive, each month. But, the Plextor writers I have received were all sealed in their box and showed no signs of prior use. Anyway, I agree with you that when you want a complete picture of how a drive performs you should not only rely on a review but you should also check out user feedback in forums such as this one.

Nope, I have no Lite-On drives here. And besides, my computer only has room for one optical drive so when I get the PX-716A it will be used for everything.


Most drives I get is sealed in their box - not specially tested as far as I could see.


Yeah, I didn’t think it was a really practical point, but it’s a weakness that ODD manufacturers can take advantage of. I don’t think it would be difficult for the marketing dept to “factory seal” their special gold-plated review units. The marketing dept at a software company I worked at had god-like powers over everybody else in the company when sales were at stake. They could even yank tech support people out of their usual roles to serve coffee at special sales presentations if they wanted to. And did.

That said, and I didn’t mean to sound negative about reviews, basic facts that turn up in reviews and that the manufacturers can’t do much about - like CD read speeds, CPU usage and bundle - make reviews invaluable. The CDFreaks 712 review was instrumental in my deciding to get one. And, FWIW, my experiences (after RMA :stuck_out_tongue: ) closely parallel the review experience.

Tell me, though … is there a downside to receiving free hardware month after month? :bigsmile:


I´m very happy to see this thread, as I’ve been surfing the net, for two months now looking for a review on this unit, after the press release.

But I’m going to state that Plextor are handling the release of this burner VERY differently, from the release of the 712.

I remember very well that I read, at least two (very positive and thorough) reviews on the 712, weeks before they appeared in Sweetwater, NewEgg, ZipZoomfly etc…

This situation is reversed, and leads me to ask: why dont Plextor’s marketing team use the power that reviews can have??


Because as recently as a few days ago, USER reviews of the Px-716a have been worse than bad - they’ve been damaging to Plextor’s name & reputation. No sense pouring oil on the fire and have the professional reviewers finish the job.

Plextor needs to fix this drive - fast - and they know it.


All the 712 reviews were raves, hyper positive.
And that drive has been marked as crap.

Is the 716 fixable, to the extent that the Plextor name becomes good again? Or will we just see a 720 down the line with some added features?


But you are not actually in charge of the marketing department at an ODD company. I know some things, like how they work inside the labs and offices and factories because I also have experiences of sending drives to reviewers. Nobody seemed to to care about choosing the best working drive. Would you try to make better hardware if you were in charge of the production lines than others? They produce as less models with as less component differences as possible because it means far more than the money spent on review samples. The drives are usually chosen just randomly right out of the production department. Sometimes it could be an engineering sample and they are also used for reviews. Like the many CPU’s that are used for reviews at Tom’s Hardware and Anandtech. They are pre-production units, so to speak. Sometimes they change some components in their mass production but it’s not a good decision to do so unless they can make millions without any negative feedback. LG once lost millions because they didn’t tell the consumers explicitly on the box that they reduced the buffer size from 8MB to 2MB. Downsizing the buffer memory size in a CD or DVD writer from 8MB to 2MB isn’t a very profitable thing. It’s a lot more profitable to make it 2MB to 16MB instead and then use a lot of marketing to spread words that 16MB is much better than 2MB.

Testing more drives is better than just one that the reviewers get from vendors, but most of the times one is just enough for most purposes. What you said about not reading performance part sounds to me totally unrealistic.

Tell me, though … is there a downside to receiving free hardware month after month?

You are welcome to do that yourself to find out the truth. If you want, I can send you some drives if you are good enough. And keep in mind the most important thing to be a good reviewer is objectivity and good judgement. Good people are what is in short supply, not some hardware. It may be different if it’s a house or a Stealth aircraft that are given for free just for tests but an optical PC drive? Even I in South Korea can earn far more money doing other things than spending time on testing DVD recorders. It doesn’t mean all reviewers lose money and time by reviewing optical drives. There are some that do make money. A troubling point is that usually those who review for money usually are more trusted by the readers than those who review for the readers and not for themselves.


What you said about not reading performance part sounds to me totally unrealistic.

I´ll have to echo that sentiment. To wait for reviews to read about features?? :eek: That’s what the press releases are for.
Reviews are for the performance and relyability. :bow:


Hi Ken,

Thank you for your interesting observations.

I have a reply ready that is at least as long as your original note. I’m not sure this discussion is on-topic (for this thread) or not, so I will wait for some feedback to see if I should PM it, open it as a new thread somewhere else, or…?


I really don’t see the point in a review of a 716. I’ve seen enough and i had 2 at 1 time. And if someone gets PAYED to review a 716 anytime soon and said it was a good burner it would be a biased opinion in my opinoin !


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Drive is shipped to us. Review should be up as soon as GF has time!


I can’t wait to see the full review!


I don’t think paid reviewers working at some companies would bother to read threads here. The ones I have known don’t. All they think is how to get a job that pays more.


As far as I see it, it’s on-topic. I saw your PM, but still I don’t see any valid point.

I also have an LG GSA-5163D on this desktop. I have to test it though very little of the results might be on forum. If this product were carefully and cheatingly chosen to make the results look better, I would be just wasting my precious time otherwise should have been spent on my daughter and wife. It’s 4 AM here. (I can hear she’s crying.)

No, the drives are just randomly picked up right from the end of the assembly lines. One or two drive out of thousands. That’s a fact I’ve been familiar with for years. Anybody can cheat here and there. Some people bribe professors to become professors themselves but that hardly means all professors in the world are to be distrusted. If you know something, just reveal it with as much as you can support.

But then everyone is different, studies differently, works differently, concludes differently. You might make sure reviewers get special-custom drives if you were in charge. I wouldn’t.