When is the Layer break write, rip or burn?

Even though I have tried a ton of software the only way I can prevent a freeze on a layer break is with DVD Decrypter (and AnyDVD in the background) for rips and Imgburn for writes, this is old software and some newer media sources need more powerfull tools for a sucessfull burn (Sony).

I need to know when the layer break is determined so I can experiment with either the ripper or burner software.

I use DL only for quality, Verbatim only. I can’t use Imgburn for burns as I require AnyDVD’s new ripper to rip some sources which does not create a MDS or IMG file but a series of other files with I have burnt over and over with other software only to see layer break freezes every time.

Also do I want to check mark the DLA box on my burner setup? Right now it is unchecked. I deleted all Roxio Products but Roxio DLA will not uninstall, it asks for a disk that did not come with this new computer to complete the uninstall process.

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Dell XPS 400 with Philips DVD 9701 (latest Firmware, just checked)
Just deleted all Roxio software other than the above in favor of Nero
Media Verbatim DL +R

DLA = packet writing = unstable at best.
Just resist the temptation to tick that box.

The layer break is generally chosen by the software at time of writing.
If it’s intelligent software (or plain annoying) it will attempt to insert a layer break at an appropriate point (ie start of a chapter or file).
Some software will also allow you to manually choose the breakpoint.

Imgburn isn’t old. It’s still under development.

I fail to see the interference link between Anydvd & imgburn.

Anydvd -> Region frees dvds & counteracts rip protection on commercial DVD’s.

Imgburn -> Burns DVDR.

Then PgcEdit is “more” then intelligent… :bigsmile: Let’s you set the layer break wherever you want .

Note though, this is advanced tool that has to be handled with knowledge and care.
Happy burning. :wink:

Not recommended for someone posting in the newbie section :disagree:

Is there not a program that tells you exactly where the layer break is on the original so you can just type that in for the backup burn?

After decrypting the source to new vob’s or any other processing & then also the difference in capacities between commercial DVD’s & DL DVDR, the original layer break may not be appropriate.

Debro, I hade used just DVD Decrypter for ripping, had a few glitches so I started using Decrypter with AnyDVD just running in the background and that fixed my problem has been flawless till the new protection methods. For a few new disks I don’t use DVD Dycrypter at all and just use the new ripper in AnyDVD because it’s all that works. (Sony)

This is where the problem comes in, since I can only seem to get a burn that does not freeze at the layer break with Imgburn and that program only seems to burn mds and iso files, the folder of files ripped with only AnyDVD can not be burnt with Imgburn in the form they are in and Nero, DVDFab and CloneDVD2 give me a layer break freeze (I can skip the chapter and reverse to the freeze point and watch the rest but who wants to do that? )

So as a question to all, is there a program where I can take the folder from a ANYDvd rip (Vob files and other I think they are called) and change that to a MDS or ISO? If so I can use Imgburn to write and I bet that solves my problem as long as Imgburn controls the layer break write.

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you could use anydvd (don’t use the ripper of anydvd) with clonecd. just put in movie disk and start up clonecd to rip and then burn.

I may be wrong but my understanding is with the Sonys such as Capote only AnyDVD’s ripper or maybe FabDVD will rip them, at lest that seemed to be the word last week? Also Since I get a layer freeze on any write progrma so far other than Imgburn and CloneDVD2 does lead to layer freeze I would expect CloneCD to do the same, but hey, I’ll tru anything once and have a ton of Memorex DL + that I bought before I read this forum, they work well enough to see it my stand alones will jump the layer break as it should so I shall give it a try, sooner or latter I was going to throw those disks away anyway, thanks, I’ll give it a shot

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Do you think it would be possible to mount the vob, etc files that were ripped with the new AnyDVD ripper with Alcohol then read with DVD Decrypter so I have mds/Iso files to burn with ImgBurn?

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i have made a back up of this movie (capote). like i said in post #8 you don’t need to rip with anydvd just have it on and use clonecd as it will preserve the original layerbreak.

Post 7 is the problem, CloneDVD2 gives me a layer break freeze everytime. Thanks though, I did solve it last night. I used I think Copy2DVD and that and Imgburn are the only two of about 8 programs I have tired that do not freeze on the layer change.


once you ripped a movie into files the layerbreak is gone. the layerbreak is only saved if you use a program that makes an image like clonecd not clonedvd.