When is new firmware for 1620Pro coming out? Many bugs to be fixed



Still lots of improvement to be done on 1620, and no firmware updates coming out the last 2 months. The -R bug and 4x scan disc error problem and whole lot more. BENQ if u dont release a new firmware I will be forced to but 1640 insted. :stuck_out_tongue:


i think many people use this drive mainly for +R media, if you want a good -R burner go NEC…i am; fed up with the -R abilities unless i feed it expensive media.


Get 1640 then. :slight_smile:


Maybe it’s what they want :stuck_out_tongue:


just buy the offical ritek -media with g05 dye works great with my 1620pro!


You must be lucky to have gotten a decent batch. Most Ritek media floating around is complete trash. :Z


my BenQ 1620 FW B7V9 burns TDK -R TTG02 better than my NEC 3520 with hacked FW 1.0UF and official FW 3.04. I do not have many blank media so my testing is limitted.


the 1620 has EOL…but support for firmware will remain…


what else is there to fix??..-R burns great for most…ppl…on those media code supported…

and why would you want to scan at 4x??..8x is the default here…

i scanned at 4x i get no error…is it your setup??..

whole lot more??..what else…shoot…


Well, it doesn’t burn it exactly right though. Many people using the 1620 to burn backups for their game consoles have found that it’s -R burns wont boot reliably on their console.

This has been well documented on this forum as well as some PS2 forums - do a quick search (ScottFarcuz I belive initiated the thread here).

They don’t always work on set top DVD players either -> a friend of mine has a Toshiba portable DVD player that plays -R burns from LiteOns and NECs without issue (but wont do +Rs unless bit set to DVD-ROM) but it wont play a -R from a 1620 for love nor money!

There’s just something about it’s -R burns that just aint quite right . . .


The 1620pro FW U9 and V9 also broke burning past 8x speed on media that fw says can do 12x or 16x, this not true on all 1620pro drives but a very large number it is, I have one and I have not burned past x8 on -R since updated from T9 my friend has two 1620pro and both will not burn media past 8x on -R after U9 or V9 was loaded, and we both did load from safe mode and loaded L9 first. Dont get me wrong the 1620pro is wonderful +R burner it does fine at all speed, but it needs a much better -R fw. I just hope W9 or what ever is that fw


I have problem with U and V firmware when burning 4X +R dvdr. It always has CRC error or bad sector is the first 0 to 200MByte burn of the disk rendering some files not readable.

However, after reverting to the T firmware, I don’t have this CRC error.


what about some fix on -RW/+RW on some no so good brand like CMC/Ritek


I want Ricoh DL real support as in LG drive !


@simon121, i was wondering what media your are burning with?


Philips 1640 new fw 3.5 is out… Maybe a B7W9 soon =) ?


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just buy the offical ritek -media with g05 dye works great with my 1620pro!


You must be lucky to have gotten a decent batch. Most Ritek media floating around is complete trash. :Z
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I’m also using Ritek G05 @ ritek G06 strat , B7T9 and excellent results @12x !!!


I am currently using Philips 3.5 firmware on my Benq 1620. Awesome!!! :bow:


Where’d you get it?



thats for 3.5, found it in a philips review thread

what benefits does flashing the 1620 to a phillips 3.5 drive give?

cause im having probs right now using certain medias that i have to switch back and forth between t9 and v9 on the 1620…if the 3.5 solves it, i’ll try that

how do i go about flashing it though to phillips 3.5 and what if i want to go back to a 1620 firmware