When is a SD2 copy considered a success?

  1. When the game runs without “Hide CDR”?
  2. When the game runs with “Hide CDR” only?
  3. When the game runs on another drive?

I’m trying to burn these SD2 protected games using CCD4, and they all work with Hide CDR on. I’m not sure if this means it’s a good copy, or if it only works on my CDRW. I have no other drives to test these bunrs out. Could anyone plz tell me the signs of a good copy without testing on another drive?

i`ll explain a bit about that hide cdr media option in a second.
First of all i would like to explain ATIP
ATIP stands for Absolute time in pregroove,
ATIP holds information such as where it was made, by whom, how much space the cd is rated for ( not much info just the basic)

ALL CDRs have ATIP and only cd burners can read ATIP information

Now i am not sure but i think SD2 has some ATIP checker in it ( like i said i am not sure ) but if Sd2 doesn`t have it, its just another cd protection

For example, lets use command and conquer renegade, it has an ATIP checker, when you use the orignal cd, there is no ATIP to check so the game work.

but now when you make a perfect copy of the game ( including the ATIP checker ) and burn the game ( of course a cdr ) the cd will contain ATIP and the protection will kick in.

So to answer your questions

  1. if the game runs with out “hide cdr” then it has no ATIP protection

2)IF the game runs only when “hide cdr” is enabled the game has ATIP protection

  1. IT all depends on the drive, if its a burner it can read atip if its not a burner ( say dvd drive or a normal cd-rom ) it cant read atip

SO to conclude, to bypass the ATIP protection either, use the hide cdr option OR use a cdrom that is not a cd burner.

As for your question about making proper copies, it most likely make a proper copy cept the cd protection ( atip ) only kicks in when you burn it on a cdr

hope that helps.
and can someone please confirm if i was right about sd2/sd2.5 having atip protection.

Wow that is some good info, you sure know your stuff :).

I tried to backup my Morrowind game which has SD2 ver2.60.052 and I have to use Hide CDR for it to work, so I’m guessing it has somekind of ATIP protection too.

I actually havn’t tried to see if I can backup my Renegade CD’s yet, I do own the game and it has SD2 ver2.51.021 but since you say it has ATIP it’ll probably end up exactly the same as my SD2 2.6 tries.

From what you say, it seems my burns are a success. I just have to use Hide CDR since I’m using my CDRW drive :). I wish I could test it out on a normal CD-ROM/DVD drive, but I don’t have one. This is very unfortunate for me because I have a Plextor drive, and I hear that succesful burns with these drives only work on them and not on others. Let’s say I made this kind of copy, what would happen if I would put it in let’s say a regular CD-Rom drive? Would it give a error or not even be able to read the CD?

Ive been doing some experiments with safedisk lately and getting some weird results if you like

put the image to your hard drive first then burn with RAW SAO
then test the game>>>;)

Even burn another backup from that backup and try in any cdrom you care to have at your disposal…


By the way what burner and o/s you using… ?
sorry u got a plex didn’t read that bit - my fault buddy.

Originally posted by mazda626king
Let’s say I made this kind of copy, what would happen if I would put it in let’s say a regular CD-Rom drive? Would it give a error or not even be able to read the CD?
There’s no way of knowing until you try. The Plextor writers are known to create back-ups that work in the recorder only… A good test drive would be the Toshiba SD-M1502 DVD-ROM which is picky with playing SafeDisc 2 back-ups.

BTW: The atip information is also explained on our website here :wink: This new protection was introduced with SafeDisc version 2.4. Version 2.5 and 2.6 will indeed also have it.