When is a .ifo and .vob file created

Wonder if anybody can help, trying to get to grips with DVD ripping, I know that when a dvd is shot from a camcorder it creates a .ifo and .vob file on the DVD disc, but I want to know when a new .vob file is created.

When each videoshoot takes place is a new .ifo and .vob created for each shoot or are the files appended?



AFAIK, if [I]larger[/I] than 1 GB the VOBs will be split/created into several vobs…Still confused with your concerns/goal, are you having ripping issues or?..


Thanks for your response I will try and explain better, When creating videos on a camcorder, will a new .ifo and .vob file be created each time a new video is shot or will it just append to the sam .vob file.

e.g. I shoot a video on saturday, a .ifo and .vob file are created for this shoot, then on sunday I shoot another video, is a second .ifo and .vob created for the second shoot so that I have now two .ifo’s and .vob files one for each shoot.

I know that if a continuous shoot exceeding 1Gb will split at 1Gb and two .vob files created but only one .ifo.

Hope this helps…

Do you have a DVD camcorder? If so, just look using Windows Explorer.

AFAIK, once you hit the ‘Stop’ button on the cammy all the files are created for say clip1…A new set of vob, ifo, bup files are created for clip2 and so on…
As Olyteddy suggests, look using Explorer…


Thanks for your responses, what I have is a minidvd disc that contains one .ifo file and two .vob files, the first being at 1Gb (max size), explaining the second

Contained on this video are about 8 different videos, all shot at different times and locations, as I understand it this cannot be so, as each video would have its own .ifo and .vob file.

I am trying to confirm that this cannot be an original recording and must have been edited, probably by playing the dvd in the camcorder and recording it on a set top box, probably philips as there is a VIDEO_RM directory present and the edited results being put back onto a minidvd, as far as I am aware Philips never did a minidvd camcorder.

If it was the disc out of the camcorder it would have eight .ifo’s and 8 .vob’s, would this be a resonable assumption?

Thanks for your help

Well, I believe that each clip you shoot is saved as a “chapter” on your DVD. Within a normal retail DVD, there are several chapters within each .vob file. The same is true on your disc. Just because you shot more than one scene doesn’t mean it can’t simply make the .vob file larger till it reaches 1gb. It’s like a .pst file…a growing file made of separate parts.

I have the same type of camera. When i shoot several different scenes, it all still comes out as one or maybe two .vob files.