When is a drive toast?



I have a Lite-On LTC-48161H CD-RW/DVD-ROM combo drive. I also have a BenQ 1620, but I keep the Lite-On around for audio PC rips. (It has a smaller read offset - I think that means I get a more accurate rip, but I’m not sure.)

I’ve got some ultra speed CD-RW discs. They write fine in the Lite-On, but they always have read errors when I verify the disc. The same disc in the BenQ has no problems.

Is my Lite-On drive starting to go bad? It is about four years, and has been used quite extensively. Should I give up on it? Am I right about the offset correction? (The BenQ’s correction is about +618 - so I am thinking I miss some samples when I rip an audio CD.)

Thanks for your help!


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imo when it starts to refuse to read ANYTHING even after f/w updates etc.


I don’t think your drive is toast. I know I bought some high-speed (actually, ultra-speed I think; not sure about that, though) Memorex-branded 32x CR-RWs. They burned flawlessly, but there were always errors. I ended up chucking the whole package because none of them were able to burn even 1 MB without producing an error. There is no way to limit the drive to the lower speeds due to the actualy specification for CD-RWs (the steps from normal speed @ 4x to high speed @ 24x to ultra speed @32x aren’t backward-compatible), so I figured it useless to try to use them. The ATIP for them was, I believe, the not-so-higly-recommended Lead Data. My 4x Sony CD-RWs produce errors due to their scratches, but the one perfect one I have makes flawless burns. So don’t count your media out yet…

Maybe you could use the SmartBurn tool and find out the manufacturer of the disc(s). Go to http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=83441 and scroll down until you see the link for it. Download the tool, execute it, and query the drive with the media inserted. the manufacturer will be beside “Manufacturer Maybe”.