When I leave my PC downloading overnight... may have a major problem?

My computer tends to freeze up, my toolbar moves itself to the top of my screen and doesn’t work anymore, and none of the icons work. I can’t CTRL+ALT+DEL my way out, i have to manually power off my pc. I don’t know if this is serious, maybe I just need to reinstall ARES (my P2P software) but I changed my power source out like a month ago after my 500watt went out, which I thought was from leaving my PC on for to long. I also thought thats why my PC was acting up on me because it was overheating, but i now have a 630watt and it runs fine, until I leave DL overnight. It only seems to do it at night which is strange, because when i leave for work in the morning and come back its fine. Most of the files I leave downloading are large video files normally over 600mb, I have Ad-aware and AVG(which never finds anything) so far this has only happened when I’ve been away from my PC at night and when i scan my PC after it has happened it finds nothing. Im running a E6600 Core2Duo processor with Windows XP, SP2, if that helps. Has this happened to anyone else? Any ideas on how to solve this predicament are greatly appreciated!

Sounds like you need to re-install windows. Cause that is just crazy. :iagree:

This the the order in which I would attack…

Scan for malware.
Then cleanup and defrag.
Then run check disk / scan disk.
Then the File Protection Service (sfc /scannow)
Then if it’s still borked you could try a registry repair utility. This is a freebie that actually worked for me once when I had a similar situation :
(do your backups first)

Hopefully, you have it sorted by now, but if not, you could backup your valuable data and do a repair install. This way most of your profile will remain intact as opposed to a full wipe and reinstall.

Check for functionality after each step…no need to do all.

If you have any questions on the various steps, post back and someone will add more detail.

It’s possible that there’s a spike in P2P activity over night. Depending on the network and program, it’s also possible that the P2P activity becomes very CPU intensive and may be overheating the CPU. Are you overclocking at all? If so, slow it down a bit. If not, is this a home built machine? Is the heatsink of the right type, mounted well, and free of dust and/or other obstructions to airflow? Is the case well ventilated?

Also, have you modified several of the application options to add more upload/download threads? That may contribute to overtaxing the machine as well.


check the power settings the computer may be going to sleep mode.