When i insert a Blank DVD-R it wont even detect that it is in the drive

Hi all,
just joined a few moments ago, (friend recommnded me here), here goes.

I own a Multivision 5070, great laptop.
windows XP went bonkers on me so i had to reset it to “factory settings” that was fine.

My dvd drive is a Matshita DVD- Ram UJ-811, before the lappy went mad it worked fine with Roxio 6 , which was supplied with the lappy.

Now, however, my dvd drive WILL burn normal cd.s, it WILL read cds AND dvd movies.BUT, when i insert a Blank DVD-R it wont even detect that it is in the drive, and when in “My Computer” the titile of the drive changes to cd drive when a dvd-r is inserted, ive checked all drivers, they are in the right places, everything says it should work fine, but it doesnt. Ive had an experianced friend look over it and he couldnt work it out, CAN ANYONE HELP ME PLEASE!!!
Be much appricated. Thanks.

I’m not familiar with this drive…so will ask a simple question…could it write to -r before? some drives only recognize +r or -r

yes ive recorded quite a few dvds before the proboblem, the dvds where even out of the same pack i used before it started acting up.

have you tried a blank from a different pack. It’s possible that your batch is bad.

is windows xp recognising the drive correctly?

yes xp is displaying the drive propery all the drivers are correct and saying that the drive is working properly and i have since bought new dvds and i still have the same probolem, i even checked my setting with my mates computer its exactly the same except for some different settings considering it a laptop i have.

finally found a topic on my problem. I am trying to play a DVD-R on this it has stuff on it, and it says there is nothing in it. It says that the cd may be corrupted or windows doesnt recognize it.

i had the same problem with an entire spindle…every DVD was hit or miss. I found that if i put the DVD in the drive and reboot, the drive would recognize it.

Try that and see what happens.


Are you using any form of packet-writing software? I had problems once with InCD - I uninstalled it & decided to stick with regular burning software!

You said you were using Roxio - are you still? It is known to cause problems with other burn programs.

Third-party software can cause problems, especially with Matshita UJ-811. Try to uninstall Roxio, reboot. Check the the setting for the drive in Windows (System Properties, Device Manager). Check Driver File Details. If, anything seems to be all right, insert a DVD.

Good luck