When I copy or burn a project onto DVD, the audio does not copy

Hello fellow cdfreaks, this is my first posting and already Iā€™m looking for help. :confused:
I have just bought my first DVD writer NEC 2500A and everything works ok except when I copy or burn a project onto DVD, the audio does not copy :frowning: If I do it to CD-R disc, it works fine, but not DVD.
Can anyone help me please :bow: Iā€™m using Nero 6, WinXP Pro.

Many thanx


what program/s are you using to copy/rip the dvd files from the originals ? and/or what programs are you using to construct the dvd project before you burn to blank dvd ?

Im using the idiots guide in Nero 6 burning to dvd from my hard drive, I get no audio playback on the pc but I just tried it in the stand alone, and it played fine, :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:

Is ur dvd under 4.38gb?

Ify yes try using dvd decryptor.

ah ha ! well in that case i would first check all sound and audio properties in control panel. then perhaps install codecs, try the kazaa lite codec pack. but i think it is likely your dvd playing software. so either configure it different or try another like media player classic and see if that works.

did yaplug the lil cable that attatches the drive into your sound card?