When I copy a DVD it works for the first 30 min then the picture freezes for 5 secs

Hello, everyone Im Alan and Im trying to find my way round a computer and copy some films to DVD, which I have downloaded. My first problem I had was when my Nero version 6 needed upgrading as I only got a full version for 6 months with my new computer. Every time I tried to use Nero, I was getting a message that I needed to buy new software. Therefore, I have down loaded about six different codec programs and everything else I thought I would need from the internet. Now when I copy a DVD it works for the first 30 min then the picture freezes for about 5 seconds. Shortly after that, it will freeze again for about 10 seconds. The counter on the player keeps going when it freezes but it just gets worse and within 15 minutes its just not watch able as I sat looking at a frozen screen. I think I have really cocked up this time and Im desperate for some help. The only info I can get on the DVD/CD recorder is

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Presumably we’re talking about a standalone player having these playback problems.

It’s most likely that the DVD media you’re burning to is of a very poor quality & you need to get something like Verbatim.

What is the brand & media ID of the DVDs you’re using? Nero’s CD-DVD Speed , using the disc info tab will give the media details. If you don’t have this app it can be downloaded by clicking here .

You can only burn something to dvd and I hope this films are legally downloaded. :slight_smile:

Anyway, you should us ebetter media!

Some advice for you:

  1. If you’re using Memorex dvds…STOP! They are crap.
  2. Burn slower. Burning too fast on crap media causes errors and freezes.
  3. Download Imgburn (it’s free) http://www.imgburn.com/ If you read the guides at the forum over there you may find you don’t need Nero anymore.
  4. If you still want to use Nero read these guides: http://bbmayo.home.comcast.net/

Also to add to the above posts , confirm that your dvd player supports the media you are using ie : dvd +r or dvd-r … my older player only supported dvd-r media , would freeze after a while using dvd+r … if supported by your burner , booktype to dvd-rom as compatible with all standalone players .

It’s all about VERBATIM. Buy Verbatim DVD-R 16x media and burn at 8x and see if that helps.

Thanks everyone you have all been superstars and your advice is very great full. I think the first answer has hit the nail on the head with the cheap discs. The disc’s we are using are general purpose DVD Data write our lass bought 50 for about £10. I went to see a mate borrowed one of his DVD discs and the movie copied great.

Thanks everyone again

PS. The person who asked if Im doing anything illegal I really do not think so. Now Im trying to get all my old family 8mm analogue tapes on to DVD discs. There is about 12 in total when I get everyone’s (family only) together. The wife downloads movies from a site on AOL but we have to pay for them so I don’t think that is illegal ether. If Im wrong please advise.

As you’re UK based then Maplins have an offer on for 100 Verbatim 16x DVDs for £19.99.

If you’ve one nearby it’s worth popping for that offer.