When i click on tutorial link of dvd fab all it says is coming soon

when i click on tutorial link of dvd fab all it says is coming soon. some of the operations such as split and customize are confusing. am licensed owner. thanks rofrz

I’ll transfer this to the DVD Fab forum…

What kind of help do you need? Just post your questions here. Customize mode lets you rearrange the DVD titles any way you like, with or without menus. If you choose not to use menus, you can play the titles on the disc in any order you like and include only the ones you want in your copy. If you leave the menus in, you can still leave out certain titles, such as the FBI WARNING :eek: or some of the extra features you don’t want to make the movie fit on a single layer disc with less compression (higher number next to “Quality”). Anything you leave out in this mode will be replaced with a black screen, and DVDFab will re-write the player instruction files (IFOs) to reflect these changes. The tutorial will probably be along sooner or later; right now the program author is concentrating on new features and bug fixes :clap: . You can find help in the forum for almost any problem or question.

I don’t use the program so I don’t know how correct or useful it is but it could help you out.


Thanks for the response, but the link is for a long-outdated version of the software.

Rofrz, here is a link to a post that explains something about the different DVD modes in Platinum. This is not a full tutorial, but might help a little.

So does this mean that the only way to get any help is to read this forum? No help is available on the program or web?

Yes, to search, read or post questions in the forum. Who could help you better than other users who may have had the same problem or question? See my earlier posts in this thread and the link to the features summary for a start, then ask any questions that remain unanswered. You can also email the program author for support as outlined in the readme file. He and his staff also read the forum posts frequently and often respond directly as time and resources permit. :clap:

Unbelievable - I’m trying to evaluate this product so I can buy it, and there is no help or documentation. Not even the basic basic basic information. Like what are the screen field meanings. I understand that the forum members can help, but I’m sure many people give up. This is too hard of a way to start using a product.

This is a work in progress. The post linked here is slim but will be expanded and may give you enough of a feel for the product to give it a try. Don’t forget there is a lengthy free trial period to see how it works for you. Disclaimer: No business connection with the author, just another user. For the money, it is a good, adequately supported product IMO. The learning curve is not really all that steep. :slight_smile:

Thanks for trying to help. My bigger questions are on the iPod conversion part (after I rip the DVD). This area is giving me trouble. As an example, it tried to convert DVD-Audio and the sound has a terrible hiss to it. Maybe it should not have selected this - does not support it - but there is no documentation. If there are multiple audio formats, it lets you pick one. Why one? If one of them is DTS, what happens, an iPod does not have DTS.

I understand there is a trial period, but I would rather pay more for a product that at least has some help/documentation.

what is the difference between DVD5 &DVD9
a user guide sure would be nice

Hi alaska and welcome to the DVDFab forum
DVD-5 holds 4.7 Gigs of memory
DVD-9 holds 8.5 Gigs of memory
which means on DVD-9 no compression is needed. anyway this is off topic so bye-bye

hope this helps


A DVD9 is a dual layer disc that holds 8GB, a DVD5 is a single layer that holds 4.7GB. Older movies will often fit on a DVD5 with no compression; most newer movies are supplied on DVD9s. The blank DVD9s are much more expensive than DVD5s.

We have to remember that DVDFab 3.#.#.# is a work in progress and is evolving at least 1 time a week, but sometime twice a day. Also when DVDFab 2.#.#.# was available, there were tutorials available that no one appeared to use. I actually converted them to .PDF format and offered to email them to people who requested because they were to large to post. There was a link to the 2.#.#.# Gold but not to Express. I got less than 5 requests, and when referred to Gold Tutorial link most times it was followed up by questions on this forum. Also there was the old dvdidle forum, but competitors of fengtao kept sabotaging it, so fengtao worked out an agreement with CDFreaks for this section. A program like DVDFab 3.#.#.# will never have a version that will work over a long period of time. You could split it up into several different programs and some would continue to work with few updates, but we want a 1 program that does it all. I know in the past there were some great DVD Copying programs that were able to work a longer period of time, but when they were available, the encryption did not change as much as it does today, and parts of those programs still work and using several products and staying updated will handle today’s encryption. That is more work that most do not want to do, so we buy DVDFab 3.#.#.# and let Ting and Fengtao stay on top of the technology while working around those who want DVDFab 3.#.#.# gone.

Together we can usually work our problems out on the forum, but there are times we have to wait for an update. Would you rather have a tutorial or an updated product?



If the goal is to have more users, a simple tutorial will help acquire the customers and minimize the frustrations they have trying to learn by trial and error.

Simple documentation does not take long. A screen grab for each screen, and a few notes about each field. If someone wants more detailed information, they can come to a forum like this and get help of the experts.