When I buy a new PC...?



When I buy a new PC what PC I should buy??? I could go to a silly store and buy a PC but I want a power PC and I need some experts. What I should buy???

THX for your help!

Big Daddy


Depends on what you are goin’to do with it…
For Offize a 200Mhz will be enough… For new games you’ll need on which is much faster… First of all tell what you are goin’ to do with it… Than I’ll be able to help you further…


The best invest is to buy a Athlon 550 and an ASUS K7M motherboard. Put in 256mb of RAM (ECC if you got the money).

Ofcourse a good soundcard, a SBLive but PCI128 is fine too.

I’d put a maxtor diamond max 40, this is the best IDE drive around at the moment. But if you want to go SCSI buy the Atlas IV, or wait for the Atlas V which is coming soon.

Buy a plextor burner if you want one and a plextor reader. If you wanna go IDE AOPEN is good.

You’ll need a videocard too. The GeForce (from creative) is almost the fastest around, but the drivers suck. SO you’ll have to decide what to do, buy one and hope there will be decent drivers soon or buy a cheap TNT2 for the time being and wait for the next gen. 3D cards.

Buy an 17" screen cause you’ll never can go wrong on that, a 19" is even better, buy an IIyama, Deawoo or Sony. Also buy a big tower case, because you might need the space in the future.

Don’t forget the floppy drive/mouse/keyboard




Why would he need that kind of CPU/VGAcard/SOUNDCARD if he’s only going to use it for wrinting letters and so?
(I don’t say he is, but he could…)


First of all ,dont’t let those coputer screw with you !
They’l just say you wil be neding the top of the bill and trust it isn’n even with the most mgnificent game at the moment !I got a pentium II 350 with a voodoo 3 and I can play and use everything I want .And in case you won’t play gamez even a pentium (or wathever) will do just fine !
-Just choose what you wanna do with it !and then buy the attributes !



Well he said he wanted a power pc…


Whatz up with a Asus P3 C Dual with 256Rimm and two 700MHz Intels?? and a Creative Anhilator? Soundblaster live platinum! Plextor Burner and CDRom?? Big Tower?? Adaptec SCSI Controller?? IBM DMVS 4,9ms 10000rpm?? and Nokia 19" 446Pro??
What`s up with cool things?? :slight_smile:


If you got the money.
I personally prefer an AMD ATHLON
and for the graphic card accelerator i would wait until the end of this month, end of next month, because Nvidia will ship their new NV15 chipsets.

Mamamia, they are extremely fast, and not that expensive.