When goint from 4x to 6x, errors skyrocket... Why?

Hey all,

I burn with a 2500a @ 1.07, and scan on a lite-on 167t dvd-rom (i know, it’s possible that it lies to me… :wink: )

but still, when i burn at 4x, the scans are pretty good (pi below 100 and po below 4)

In the review on this site if i recall correctly, they burn these at 6x with excellent results, better then my 4x burns

Does the reading speed changes during the scan around 900mbs? How do I set the max reading speed with the 2500a and cdspeed3

Thanks for every answer

any one?

is this topic been beaten to death? i did try to search believe me.

i guess i should try to scan in a burner…

but atleast tell me how to lock the reading speed with the 167T and cdspeed. or should i use kprobe2?