When flashing cd-rw's

Are you actually flashing the BIOS? I am curious because a friend gave me his Memorex RW-2224 and I would like to keep it as a backup if my HP-12 goes out. Not to mention the fact that it copies SD2 :smiley: . He was told to upgrade the firmware by tech support, but he purchased another CD-RW instead.

I did a search and had 940+ posts on the search parameters of ‘firmaware’ and there is no way I can sort through all that after a C++ class…


In short your are flashing the BIOS of your writer. Not much more to tell here :slight_smile: The writer just ‘receives’ new instructions for handling the reading and writing of discs…

Thanks. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t flashing my system BIOS. Everything is working fine and I don’t want to screw anything up.