When DVD was new, what did you buy first?

Simple question. When DVD was initially released, what was your first DVD product?

Stand Alone Player
PC DVD-Burner

my first DVD product was Pioneer DVR-A05 PC burner.

Toshiba Stand Alone Player

DVD standalone player with mp3 support in 2000. :sunglasses:

DVD standalone player with mp3 support in…1999 :smiley:

It was of the Danish brand “Kiss” and I don’t remember the model number, but it was region free.

Shortly thereafter a Pioneer DVD-ROM drive for my PC (also don’t remember the model number).

Panasonic DVD-RV32 set top player. I still use it as it reads everything, even DVD-R DL.
First DVD burner was a Pioneer DVR-106

First was a cheap standalone Mustek DVD player. Few months later I bought Pioneer slot-in DVD-ROM drive.

I think it was 2000, maybe earlier, i dunno…
Shortly after that I bought the Ricoh MP-5120 (1st gen DVD+RW) and then the Pioneer DVR-104 (2nd? gen DVD-R/RW). :bigsmile:
My first DVD-ROM drive was the Pioneer 105 Slot-In and then probably the glorious Toshiba 1612.

How much was the Kiss player?
My standalone cost me around DM 500.

It was a Toshiba DVD-ROM, :cool: then a liteon 832s and then a Philips player

APEX AD-1201 around 5-6 years ago.

Still plays but I only use it to copy movies to DV – it was one of a limited batch that shipped without copyguard/macrovision protection enabled. Best $50 I ever spent… :iagree:

Well, my first DVD Player was a Playstation 2 back in 2001.

Then after I tried out some DVDs on it, I bought a PC with a DVD-ROM drive in it. Then when the DVD format really started to take off in 2003 and 2004, that’s when I bought a cheap stand-alone DVD player.

Then finally I bought me a DVD Rewriter for my PC in 2005 and a stand alone DVD Recorder in 2006.

My first DVD-ROM was a Pioneer DVD-104F slot-in model 6x DVD-ROM 40x CD-ROM (found the info in an old document).

How much was the Kiss player?
My standalone cost me around DM 500.
I don’t remember the exact amount but around DKK 2500 ~ €335 for the Kiss DVD player.

PC DVD-ROM drive, came in an eMachine I bought in 2001 (drive was a Samsung SD-616T).

After that I figured I may as well join the masses and get a standalone player, but even that wasn’t until two years later (still have it and use it regularly, as it reads all but burned DL discs. Philips DVD625).

First DVD burner I got was a LiteOn LDW-851.

Pioneer 525 settop player probably about xmas 99 or so for 250. Only thing it played was movies and cd’s, no mp3, no trick mods or modes but the video quality was excellent, almost never any artifacts. Then I got a Apex AD600a for 150, lousy player but could do anything and play mp3’s, was the first one that had the macrovision menu, still have it in a box.
First dvd burner was the Sony 500a, slow burner but did both flavors and the disks always worked, paid 350 at Fry’s for one in a retail box. Sold it about a year or so later for 50 bucks.

Pioneer DVL-700 Combination DVD/LD Player in 1997. I had the player before there were DVD’s available to buy. Paid about 1,000 US$ and it’s built like a tank. Very heavy.Still in use 10 years later.

The cheapest DVD-ROM on sale in 2001. Mad Dog.

1st encounter: with a DVD Drive: My dad’s Pioneer slot-loading DVD-ROM. DVD-106 (or some model like that). (He built his own computer.) ('98 or '99)
2nd encounter: with a DVD Drive: Samsung SD-612B :Z (Compaq Presario 9000 series back in '00)
3rd encounter: with a DVD Drive: Pioneer DVD-ROM DVD-116 :bow: . (spun so fast, it shattered a CD-ROM game of mine. But I fixed it, and it even reads DVD recordable media [at 2x]). (HP Pavilion xl768, '00, back when they still called themselves Hewlett-Packard over HP, and printed the whole name on the computer with standard capitalization) (still have this lovely drive)
4th/5th encounter: standalone Apex DVD/MP3/PhotoCD player (AD-6000 series, I think, with the DVS DSL-710A–[B]not[/B] a Sony drive) alongside Xbox DVD-ROM drive (the first revision with a Thomson drive–got a 2nd Xbox when lightening killed the first with the same bogus Thomson model :Z :Z :Z )

After that, there were various burners (starting with the 8x hp-rebranded Litey 832S in 2004) & the PlayStation 2 (same year, I believe, with the good drive & thick chassis).