When does your quality score go down?



my score always drops right when the scan starts.

is this when you get most of the spikes?

i never get anything lower then a 96 so i’m not complaining :bigsmile:

i always thought the spike comes at the end of the disc :confused:


The quality score is inversely correlated with the PIF total score. As the PIF goes up the score goes down.


but should you always get those pif spikes at the beginning?


My BB MIJ Fuji 1133 TY’s all seem to spike around .25 GB which drops the QS to 97% Otherwise, my scans look pretty much like yours


very odd.

you would think it would spike at random?


I think it most often occurs at the end then the beginning is next likely.


My quality score normally goes down as soon as I click the scan button. JK. :slight_smile:
Both my drives seam to spike around the 1.5 Gb mark with TY02 at 8x and 12x, @ 16x they are always high around the 4.0 to 4.3 gb, maybe media maybe the drives. Still very good burns overall.


Yeah…my scans are still great


In my opinion, such regular spikes are due to the media not the burner.
I also have seen “spikes at the exact same spot” for a given media and given spindle. But it disappeared after 10 or 20 discs. I assume the stamper had dye problem while producing those media. (Not even a real problem… a single spike of ~6 we’re talking about here. It doesn’t make any problem, just lower your QS and prevent you to boast your scan. :slight_smile: )


Happens to me sometimes too…
I’m not complaining either…Never had a QS lower than a 97.


Also mine YUDEN000T02 (1125) had the “defect”… a PIF 8 spike at 0.5… no matter at what speed you burned and in what drive you scanned. =) The same spike at the same place has been reported from other users too.


so it sounds like a media problem :iagree:

that makes sense too.


FYI-I’m seeing the same problem with a recent lot of TYG02’s… Unfortunately, I’ve had a run of about 25 disks in a row with a PIF of 6 right at the 0.07 Gb mark. Doesn’t seem to affect the playability but I don’t like to see it.


yea i never have any problems either, but always looking for that 99 score :smiley:


what burner and speeds ya’ll used for that?


Only 8x


I’ve had the same PIF 8 spike consistantly. My last spindle “Fugi YUDEN000T02” had a rise in PI at around 2.5 Gb. But not enough to worry about or affect playability. Just getting ready to start a new batch of 20 burns with a new spindle. I imagine the rise will not be on the next spindle as I never saw it on previous spindles :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: