When do you seal a printed DVD with Krylon

I have finally printed one CD (Memorex) and one DVD+R (Verbatim hub printable) on my new Epson R800. I bought a Krylon Crystal Clear spray to seal the ink and prvent smudging.
When should I apply the spray? After printing the CD/DVD or after I wait 24 hrs for it to dry?

I would be very carefull about applying the spray, it’ll be very easy to unbalance the disc. Anyway, unless you live in the tropics, an hour drying time should suffice, as injet ink is water-based.

Since the R800 uses Pigment based ink I would recommend you wait at least 12 hours.

However saying that I have never had a problem spraying a disc within a couple of minutes of printing, and I must have done hundreds of printable discs by now.