When do you post in here?

Well when do you ?

While I’m at work :iagree:

All of the above :slight_smile:

me too!

A little from column A, a little from column B, alot from column C … I thought cajun was a chilli.

i post when i am at home
i always weαr underwear on my head when i am home

so, the correct answers iare b and c

When I’m at home. But I also do my best to hog my mum’s PC when I’m there also.

Mostly at home with underwear on my head…doesn’t have to be mine right?.. :bigsmile:

Hey, why is it that only the “guys” wear underwear on their heads? Do you suppose it has anything to do with the fact that we’re complete and utter piggies?.. :iagree:


You don’t really want me to answer that…:bigsmile:


You should always listen your doc :bigsmile:

Got to be at home for me. If I tried to do it at work there would be hell to pay!

‘Our’ Internet Security Officer would be down on me like a ton of bricks. Work related surfing only at work!

Disciplinary action would follow any ‘naughty’ access :cop:

“i always weαr underwear on my head when i am home”

I don’t wear underwear :disagree:

I never post here!

I post from home, which is where I run my home business, which is teaching people to Cajun dance with underware on our heads.

oh my harley your one of a kind…zydeco…is your middle name!

when i’m wearing underwear on my head. But since it’s almost permanent head gear, i’ll narrow it down to when I’m home.

you wear underwear out in public on your head ?

Don’t all sane people wear underwear on their heads?

Tis always good to have a spare pair handy … in case you get hit by a bus.

Doesn’t everyone?

Those that don’t are statistically insignificant. You DO want to be significant, don’t you?
Underpants, on your head, right now!

Okay SS. You are quite an articulate, intelligent, attractive, and seem to be a nice caring person. So what the heck you got going on that guys aren’t beating a path to your door. Do you have some wicked hidden faults that you don’t let show here. Regardless, I’m glad that I know ya. You are a hoot.