When do you plan to upgrade to Windows Vista from your current version?

Just wondering how many people plan to upgrade and when they intend to do it.

There isn’t an option for “when I absolutely need to.” :bigsmile:

In other words, when software etc starts to require it…

For the forseeable future, I’m perfectly happy with XP :slight_smile:

Arachne has it exactly right… :iagree:

Hehe, I’d rather spend my money on hardware than a new OS :bigsmile:

Most current software seems to be compatible back to Windows 2000, so that will probably be a while.

I too am happy with XP. Unless Vista just has too many new USEFUL features to ignore, I won’t even consider it until I buy a new computer or upgrade my current one (it all depends on price differences between the 2). Plus, I, like many others, have invested too much time and frustration on XP to change when they finally have it kinda secure and fixed.

Exactly. :iagree:

Considering that i refused to upgrade to XP from 98 until i found out no shops would sell machines really compatable with 98 so i reluctantly bought my XP machine.

Then did everything i could to hold off the upgrade to SP2, even for a while into the April 2005 when Microsoft made the upgrades compulsary if you wanted to have automatic updates. Only then in May 05 did i upgrade to Sp2.

So based on this probably 2008 i will upgrade. Unless M/S makes it manditory.

But the leap between XP and Vista isnt so great. Vista is mainly a pointless unneeded GUI upgrade. Nothing really new is going to be in it (except according to what i have read more restrictive DRM.)

I am happy with XP and would like to stay with XP for as long as I possibly can.

Or change to linux.

I think changing to Linux would be your best and smartest move. From now on it’s all down hill if you are using Windows. I think the new computers will look like poker machines with a slot for a credit card on the front! Every time you want to use it or open a program you will have to stick your card in and pay M$.

When do you plan to upgrade to Windows Vista

When it’s a Freeware !

When Microsoft gets all the bugs out and the price for an upgade disk is priced reasonably. I will wait at least 6 months before I would consider an upgrade.

Only when the time comes that i really have to use vista.

Incorrect Linux, and even Linus has said do, is not ready for mass market desktopping. It won’t be until it is easy to configure and installing drivers for peripherals is just as easy as it is in Windows.

As to the original question about 3 years after it has come out if I can afford it, though I doubt I will unless there is a significant improvement on XP or there is aneed to change over.

I agree with arachne, “when I absolutely need to”. And that may be a V-E-R-Y long time from now. All this digital copy protection cr*p is really a turnoff as far as I’m concerned.

Jay have you tried Linux lately??? In the last year or two Linux has made a lot of progress, yes in the early days there was a few driver issues with Linux mostly with Raid and printers but for the past few years I never had to chase up any drivers, it picked everything up strait out of the Box, I have found more driver issues with M$ and having to chase up drivers than with Linux. World wide a lot of Government Departments and schools are changing to Linux, even in the US the home of M$. If its not ready for the mass market desktop at the moment , its not very far from being ready :slight_smile:

Yes I have, I have a number of distros, SUSe, Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu, Linspire, DSL, and none of them can connect to the web as none of them can detect my modem. I can’t do the whole command line process to try and get it to work, which was written about in the help pages of Linux Format magazine after I wrote in. As I class myself as an intermediate user then there is no hope for the average user.

By the way I must appologise it wasn’t Linus but the head of Debian in an interview in Linux Format magazine last year.

Theres no when a good download is available :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll upgrade once all the bugs and stuff are ironed out.

halo 3 is only compatible with windows vista :sad:

Well is it realy worth upgrading for one game?

nope, hence the :sad: , anyway ill probably end up buying an xbox 360… and a ps3, but first a psp :D:D:D

So your answer is never?

Windows Vista - From The People Who Brought You EDLIN! /.

Only reason to upgrade is if absolutely need to , can’t keep feeding M$ pockets , vista just got more eye candy than XP , think we said the say thing when we went from 98 to Xp , oh forgot ME not … lets hope M$ don’t force us to upgrade by discontinuing support for XP like they have for 98 … wanna bet !!