When do you consider hardware obsolete?

When is the time to actually call some hardware obsolete ? Is it when you got something better of when it actually starts to break down ? Or when you destroy it yourself in a rage of fury ?

My current PC is fice years old and still working (sort of). Granted it is slow and can’t run most things but untill I get some new hardware it is not obsolete.

Expect my Voodoo Banshee Card. God Damn it I should rip it out and snap it in half so that no-one has to ever use it again.

I consider stuff old when I get new stuff. Therefore my Deathstars are now old as I ordered a Maxtor 200GB half an hour ago.

There’s always a use for all the things that I have.
Or do I just like to hoard?
Except squeaky fans Kill them… KILL THEM ALL… DIE… DIE… DIE…

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Please, who the hell destroys perfectly good old hardware for no reason… ok, maybe when I’m stoned and got some free RAM that’s not compatible w/ my system.

If I bought the hardware, it’ll never go obsolete. I still use my old ass GeForce MX (yes, GF 1) and 30GB HD for OS installation, then Ghost it over to a bigger HD. Unfortunately, can’t ghost w/ RAID 0 installs.

It depends on the hardware, but I’d say about 3-5 years.

Can you at the same time snap my two Voodoo II cards in half!!

Damn they start to irritate me.

Well, I just retired my 386 in march, I’m still not sure that was the right decision. The previous comptuer I retired was because the motherboard was bad. (as in I couldn’t get it to boot even with a new BIOS).

Looks like my current dual ppro-200 might have to go, I just saw some parity errors on the PCI bus this morning. (power went out overnight though, I’m hoping it is just a result of that)

I think “never” suits me best.

Why? Well I still use a lot of old hardware. For example, old 486 are perfect personal internet routers, P1’s can be perfect routers and fileservers etc etc. Older systems like 386 are nice to test things on (like casemodding adventures;)) or to disassemble and put them against the wall as an odd form of art.

I even got some older hardware (XT, 286) that I’m jusing for my junk musuem on the attic. Yeah I know I’ll be throwing away pretty soon (me and my girl are waiting for a house, so when the time is there I know I well throw out some of that junk).

And there’s of course the C64/C128 collection I own. I believe I got about 6 of them, together with more than 2000 floppies. Most were given to me by people who didn’t want to use these devices anymore. I still use them in the winter, to play a game of Buggy boy or so for a while. Nostalgy :).

Another thing I do with old hardware is either selling it, or give it away. I made more than 10 people happy with a P1 router (got them for free and gave them away for free as well). Yesterday I sold an old 700MHz system I had for a fair price (I have 6 faster systems so that’s enough ;))… no obsoletion there either.

I even keep some broken hardware… some is nailed to my wall, other is used for shooting at (air gun) :).

I do not know guys, but I am still happy with my 486 dx4 100 playing Heretic with MSDOS 6.22.

Basically we hand me down it.

My friend had a computer.
I had a computer.
My friend upgraded, giving me his old(older than mine) parts.
I put those parts into my brother’s computer.
Birthday comes along, my sense of handling money correctly goes out the window, decide to upgrade.
Give my old parts to my brother.
Give my brother’s parts to another friend.:slight_smile:

Obsolete is when the hardware you have is no longer able to preform the tasks you ask of it. If all you do is word processing and web browsing, your computer may not be obsolete even though it’s only a 1Ghz PIII, but if you’re doing Graphics, Video compression, or some type of rendering WELL THEN I’D SAY YOUR HARDWARE IS VERY OBSOLETE. Just my two cents :iagree:

I just upgraded my 386sx with a math-co and 16mb ram (up from 4). What the hell for? Who knows…