When Do We Get A New Version Of Ratdvd?!?!?

I want to use it again. I have almost 2TB of DVDs ripped to my computer, netowrk drives and other externals, that I want to start batch converting, but I heard a new version was coming out very soon (that was 5 months ago) and I wanted to wait to convert until the new version is out.

I love the program, I just want the new version!!!

site is down for construction for two weeks now. maybe soon we’ll have a new version! hmmmm.

why do you need a new version tho ?
whats wrong with the current ?

there are quite a few bugs with the current. And I have some quality problems, that I’m hoping might be solved with a new version. Things I convert do not look as good as things others convert even at the same settings. Also the problem with the imdb tagging system being locked. anyway, a new version would be AWESOME!!! !!!