When do I use RAW SUB-96 ( Image-Writing Method ) and RAW DAO?



Hi! In Alcohol 120% , when do I use RAW SUB-96 ( Image-Writing Method ) and RAW DAO? after finalizing the cd, the drives shows a track which starts playing in winamp. I ejected the cd and insert in my cd-rom and the game setup runs. why is this so?



96 is for Playstation on CD, CD-Text and CD-Graphics, some Audio and Karaoke. Also required in Nero (dao96) when writing a SafeDisc, LaserLock or ProtectCD protected image.

Disc At Once (DAO) is the preferable method of writing an image except in Blindwrite where SAO seems to work for most writers.

RAW is required for error-based protection, Illegal Tables of Contents and dummy files.

In Alcohol, just pick a profile to suit and shoot. Or if you’ve mucked it up - RAW DAO 96 is not gonna hurt a thing (most of the time).

Asked and answered :bigsmile:


Thanks for ur answer. the only problem , only burning , when I try read the cd ( in cd-writer ) it shows audio track no. 1 . but when I put in my cd-rom drives, it reads like any other games cd.



have you opened up the disc in windows explorer? it may just be starting goofy - best explanation i have.