When different CD burners have the same problem!

I own an HP2006NX computer, that has XP running on it.

I bought a 20x burner and installed it. It came with Nero software.
At first, it worked well… and I was able to burn close to the maximum speed. But then it started having problems burning at full speed. In fact, it wouldn’t burn at “1x” speed. It actually burned lower then that.

I noted that when I ran Nero, the cache would empty out completely before the burner would move forward.
Naturally, I bought a new burner.

Once again, it worked for a while, but then it stopped burning at full speed.
I also noted that when I used HPs “DVDPlayer” (made by Cyberlink), the player would stutter, and ‘echo’. It wouldn’t play a DVD normal.

On my third burner, I paid close attention. Everything seemed to work fine until I tried to use the HP “DVDPlayer”. The player stuttered the video. From that point on, the burner would not play / burn at full speed.

Does this sound like a familiar problem to anyone… and if so, what is the solution?
If its just a software issue with the HP DVDPlayer, then why does by burner continue to have problems when I’m using Nero?

Along with being a pain in the ass, this has my curiousity peaked. Is this really shitty software? Poor design on the part of Windows? Poor design on the part of Cyberlink?

Finally, you should know that the burner is made by Samsung, its a SH223Q and its firmware has been updated.

Thanks, thanks, thanks…


Does this sound like a familiar problem to anyone…


Sounds like a DMA issue now. Reset it then grab VLC and see how that plays your DVDs.



Yes it does sound like a DMA reverting to PIO issue.

Here’s more reading (including solutions) on the subject:

DMA reverts to PIO

You two were both completely correct. I ran the script and it fixed my DMA issue. Or, at least, my drive is now trying to burn at full speed.

I have a new problem. My drive now seems to burn fine until it gets to the end. Then Nero tells me that my ‘disc at once’ has failed.

This is the log, towards the end, if that helps:
4:14:53 PM #29 SPTI -1046 File SCSIPassThrough.cpp, Line 214
CdRom0: SCSIStatus(x02) WinError(0) NeroError(-1046)
CDB Data: 0xFF 06 12 00 00 00 01 00 00 00 00 AA
Sense Code: 0x30
Sense Qual: 0x06
Sense Area: 0x70 00 05 00 00 00 00 0A 00 00 00 00 30 06

4:14:53 PM #30 Text 0 File DVDR.cpp, Line 8447
Drive: TSSTcorp CDDVDW SH-S203N
Book Type request [TSST]: DVD+R
Changing the Book Type was finished with error, return code -1046

4:14:53 PM #31 CDR -1194 File ThreadedTransferInterface.cpp, Line 1820
PMA update failure

4:14:53 PM #32 TRANSFER -24 File ThreadedTransferInterface.cpp, Line 1820
Could not perform end of Disc-at-once

4:14:53 PM #33 Phase 38 File dlgbrnst.cpp, Line 1767
Burn process failed at 20x (27,700 KB/s)

4:14:53 PM #34 Text 0 File SCSIPTICommands.cpp, Line 287
SPTIDismountVolume - completed successfully for FSCTL_DISMOUNT_VOLUME

I know you probably hear this all of the time, but thanks; you are both fantastic for trying to help me with this!
Thanks, thanks, thanks!


to work fine until I tried to use the HP “DVDPlayer”

Don’t use it. You’ve noted that twice it hosed things. You have NeroShowtime don’t you? I use it all the time for most viewing. Or try VLC to see if you fare better?

Try this. Go into Device Manager find your burner-> right click-> [B]uninstall[/B] then re-start.

Then run this script:


Now use Showtime to play a DVD… does it work?

Get ImgBurn (free) and try a burn and see how it goes. If that works try Nero again and see if it works.

I deleted HP DVDPlayer after it hosed me the 3rd time. But I will load VLC, because it comes highly recommended in this forum.

What I’ve learned so far:

  1. It was a DMA issue. Thank you so much for your help on this!
  2. ImgBurn flew through the burning process, and unlike Nero, it didn’t take a full minute to load. I dunno what happened to Nero. I used to love it. But it seems to be more and more bloated with every new build.
    Anyway, I am donating to the ImgBurn website. I love programs that do one simple thing quickly.
  3. I will definitely check out the xp cd and dvd fix.

You have no idea how good I feel about getting my DVD player working again. Not to mention solving the ‘mystery’ of what’s going on with it.
If you’re ever in Chicago, I owe you a cookie and/or drink.
Thank you!