When did Sony Protection start

Hi all i’m curious as to when The ACCROSS porotection started. Ihave been backing up movies since 2001 and until recently just started useing AnyDvd and CloneDVD2.The reason I started useing AnyDvd was for Madagascar witch was giving me trouble. Ididnt even realize taht there was protection on alot of movies until then.I copied Mr and Mrs Smith, Hitch,Skeleton Key,40 Year Old Virgin and others with just DVDD and Shrink. Just recently I have been having a few minor glitches in the Movie such as a few pixels and some other errors that were not there before I started Useing AnyDvd I am not knocking Slysoft its great stuff but I am just wondering why the problems all of a sudden.And its not Media related or burner related

as shrink and dvdd is no longer supported to cope with the newer titles that’s how you came across problems, anydvd is updated when it needs to be, when new protection is found on new releases.

What I mean is that Ididn’t use AnyDvd on the movies that are supposed to be useing Accross protection. Maybe I just got lucky on them

“ARccOS” is the Sony protection.

I’m not a jerk, I promise…that was just bothering me.

ARccOS Sony BMG late 04 -05 Resident Evil 2 was the first I heard of.

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As far as this part of your question:

Yes it is. Those are positive and classic symtoms of exactly that.

  1. What brand and type media are you using?

  2. What speed are you burning at?

  3. What model player are you playing the backup on?


yes it was Resident Evil 2
even DVDD could not rip it until the author put out a PSL patch for it and I think came out with the last version of DVDD

however a beta avnydvd at the time could rip it with no problem
I remember cause that is the time I became a anydvd lifer

History of DVD copy protections (not CSS):
The first AnyDVD version supporting Sony Arccos was version from September 2004. If I remember correctly, the first Sony Arccos titles were released in Summer 2004. About the same time some titles with the “Puppetlock” protection were first released.
Sony’s marketing blurb: http://www.sonydadc.com/products.copy.arccos.go
Most newer titles from Sony Pictures (and the companies they own, like Columbia TriStar, MGM) are Sony Arccos protected, but Arccos has recently been seen on non-Sony Pictures DVDs as well.
Support for “Settec Alpha DVD” (a protection created by a LG spinoff in Korea) was added to AnyDVD in January 2005. Settec Alpha DVD marketing blurb: http://www.settec.co.kr/eng/pro_alphadvd.htm
Madagascar (US) is not Sony Arccos protected. It is protected by Macrovision RipGuard. The first RipGuad protected title was discoverd around November 2005 (“Vet Hard”, R2, Netherlands). As Universal and Macrovision work closely together (see press release: http://www.macrovision.com/company/news/releases/newsdetail.jsp?id=Wed%20Jan%2019%2010:41:18%20PST%202005 ), most new Universal US DVDs are now RipGuard protected. Macrovision marketing blurb: http://www.macrovision.com/products/activereach_dvd/ripguard/index.shtml
A new copy protection “ProtectDVD” is announced here:
AnyDVD does not support this protection yet, as we were not able to purchase a disc with this protection. Some people believe, that the rental version of “The Keeper” R2 (Italian) has this protection. We don’t know if this rumour is true or false. We were not able to purchase this disc, so we cannot verify it.

Yes it is. Those are positive and classic symtoms of exactly that.

I Always use either Sony+R (TY) or Maxell’s 002 (MIJ) Media for movie backups’s and either burn at 4x or 8x Depending on witch burners I am useing at the time and the players are mostly Sony DVC-NC665P’S and one Onyko DV-CP702.
What’s weird is that some of the movie’s that I didn’t even know were protected and just ripped with DVDD play just fine and some of them seemed to play fine if I didn’t Re-author with Shrink but just compressed .Thought that Re-authoring them was causeing the problem but most played just fine and some didn’t.
I just Recently started useing AnyDVD alot and thought that maybe ripping with CloneDVD and the Re-authoring with shrink was maybe Causing some sorta weird issue with each other but only if I Re-authored instead of just compressing cause I dont keep anything but just the main movie and I like to back the credit’s up to just where the movie end’s.

yes it was Resident Evil 2

I Didn’t get that movie so dont know about it but most of the movi’s upuntil about a couple months ago all played fine with just DVDD and Shrink protected or not :clap:

Thank’s for the history James didn’t know when it started since I have not had any problem’s until recently and why some people were having problem’s with movie’s like Hitch and other title’s and I didn’t maybe I have just been lucky :confused: Also keep up the good work on AnyDvd and Clone both are excellent products and seems to be the only program’s that work like there supposed to and will be the prog’s of choice for newer movie’s

That is beacuse the DVDD author release ver 3440(?)
to take care of Resident Evil2 type protection
Now DVDD is failing you because since then it hasn’t been updated, because Macrovision went after and now owns that guy :sad:

Now DVDD is failing you because since then it hasn’t been updated, because Macrovision went after and now owns that guy
Thats what I am saying DVDD never failed me until I went to Re-author the movie and Shrink gave me errors.Thats when I realized that is was Protected and started useing AnyDVD.

So all is well now :wink:

So all is well now

Yes it is Thankfully have been sitting here messing around and have found that if I use DVDD to rip and then Re-author with Shrink taking all the unwanted stuff out it gives me a glitch’s and such when played back on the HDD. But if I use AnyDVD and CloneDVD2 to Rip and make Iso even though I can only take so much out and have to leave all the credit’s in the image plays fine or seems to.

So I guess the problem lie’s with either Shrink or DVDD will keep trying different stuff to see which it might be to bad really loved those 2 Prog’s :sad: It’s just kinda weird that some movie’s do it and some don’t .