When Did Ritek G05 Start Going Bad?

I’m in the process of copying my Riteks (or at least the ones that still work) over to TY 8x media and I was just wondering if there is any general date where most people agree that they started going bad. I have about 600 discs and it would make it alot easier for me if I didn’t have to bother checking the discs made before a certain date. Thanks.

i think its just most of them, ive bought ritek g05 discs in the last year and a half, so not all at the same time, from many different batches and brands. All of which have started to fail apart from 1 batch that i bought in august that havn’t started to deteriorate yet.

I still have some from the first batch i bought which were Ridisc Xtremes, these went bad after a few months of burning. I burnt one a few days ago and the quality was horrific, so i tried another and it was just as bad, so it seems they deteriorate even when not burned.

I’d say they were bad from a while agao I have just posted a scan of one burnt and bought in oct 2004, http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.php?p=1275992&postcount=159 I am currently backing that and the other G05s up.

I usrd to be a Ritek fan and still bought G04s but never would I touch G05s again after the batch I got last years. Funnily enough I know nothing about mid codes and manufacturers in 2004 when I bought the ones that the link shows.