When did 64mins = 660MB?



I’ve just started using Nero (latest version) . When copying audio cd’s it tells me that the cd I am copying lasts 64mins, but when I copy the cd onto my hard drive and then onto the cdr it tells me its taking up 660MB or even more if the audio cd is a bit longer.
Sometimes nero will copy it for me onto a 650MB cdr and there is no problem, however sometimes it won’t play at all and my cd player tells me there is only 1 track and generally has a fit.
Can anyone tell me what the fuck is going on, and suggest a solution.

Cheers ill_jim


I’ve even burned 800MB of audio on a 74min. cd. Audio is a bit bigger when it’s on your hd then it normally is on a cd, so that’s why it sais 660MB, but it still is 64 minutes that’s why it fits.



I’m using Traxdata 74min (X8), not rewriteables. When I use easy creater 4.01 it tells me its under 650MB. I would use easy creator, but its fucking shit!!! I’m just confused at the moment.

Do you have anymore suggestions?

Cheers ill_jim


first off, Easy CD Creator is good for audio. Just remember to use DAO, disk at once. This will eliminate the pops at the beginning of each track. As far as Recording audio, Audio is a different storage when it comes to Data. Ignore how much MB your Audio CD takes up, When using Easy CD CReator (4.x) or higher, just go by how much time you either have left or went over. If you went over, the program will tell you by how much, in this case you should use 80min./700 CDs. Easy CD Creator calculates it for a 74min. 650 MB cd, so you have 6min. extra if using a highter density cd (80min/700mb). At first I was also confused but just go by the TIME for Audio, NOT how Much MB it takes up.


Hi ill_jim,
I agree with Maligma,
If u use Easy cd Creator for audio, do not look at the size of the wav files on your hard disk but look at the lenght easy cd-creator says u have left. B.T.W. Easy cd-creator is not fucking shit. I’ve had problems with it myself but u have to make some adjustments to system.ini
Under [vcache] u must write :
I don’t know exactly what that does but I do know I no longer have problems.
One last thing - only use DAO if u have to.
That may just be why you are having problems playing the cd’s !! (some older cd-players do not support it)